Aaron Douglas





8/23/1971 , New Westminister, British Columbia, Canada

Birth Name




Aaron was born in a small town just out of Vancouver called New Westminster. His mother gave birth to Aaron on August 23rd 1971.

From such a young age of four or five, Aaron told his parents that he wanted to be an actor. Though unbelieving they listened to Aaron and he quotes them as the "Best Parents anyone can ever have".

Aaron has a brother called Chris who unlike Aaron, decided to go to school and get a real job degree and profession.

Growing up Aaron played hockey and continues to this day to stand on the blue ice and have frozen rubber disks shot at him at great velocity. Unlike fists, guns and small forest creatures Aaron has no apparent fear of these frozen Ding Dongs and is violently protective of his blue ice having been known to shatter an ankle or two of players who venture onto his most holy frozen blue water.

Aaron has participated in various forms of the arts from being in a rock band (TRC) in high school to drama class from elementary school. After graduation (high school, Aaron did not go to college) he spent many years finding out what he did not want to do with his life (salesman, sports nutrition rep., marketing, floor layer, etc.) and eventually ended up in the William Davis Center for Actors Study in Vancouver.

There Aaron met Garry Davey, the artistic director of the school at the time, who encouraged Aaron to pursue this craft of acting. Aaron attended the William Davis Center for the full-time program for one year at the end signing with an agent and getting on with his acting career. During the school days Aaron worked at Earl’s restaurant on Robson as, you guessed it, a waiter and owes many thanks to Dario Gianna (Big Tuna) the GM for his support in the beginning years. Thankfully Aaron has now put the serving days behind him and patronizes the restaurant as a customer and nothing else.

Currently Aaron is portraying Chief Galen Tyrol in Battlestar Galactica and can be seen in various television and feature films on TV and in the theaters. Aaron would like to thank Russ Mortensen and Lena Lees at Pacific Artists in Vancouver and William Ward Jr., Mickey Barold and David Rudy at Roar Management in Los Angeles. These are the people who take Aarons money with little or no work. Aaron feels he would be just as well off with a monkey but for some reason the monkey has a hard time dialing the phone and takes too many smoke breaks.
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