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    • Aaron Douglas: (His best memory from Galactica so far) There are so many great memories from what we have done till now. One is goofing off with Paul Campbell and Mary and we were laughing so hard we almost ruined take after take after take. If you ever see them ask them about Paul and Aarons made up names for the racehorses she took her husband to see.

    • Aaron Douglas: (About Galactica's large cast) There are so many people in this cast that the network cannot focus on everyone and so marketing is split between the bigger names and the handsome ones. The Chief was a really small character in the beginning and there was no intention of focussing on him at all so anything that comes my way now is a bonus.

    • Aaron Douglas: (About how Chief Tyrol will evolve) I would like to see Tyrol begin to believe in himself a little more and be given more tasks requiring strength and leadership.

    • Aaron Douglas: (Most difficult scenes on Battlestar Galactica) The scenes where someone dies in the Chiefs arms are difficult to do because they take a really long time to shoot and you are constantly in a state of loss and sadness. They are very draining.

    • Aaron Douglas: (About why he became an actor) It is the one thing that I am really good at. It is the easiest thing for me to do and it is what I love to do the most.

    • Aaron Douglas: (About the rape scene in season 2 on Battlestar Galactica) BSG is a reflection of real life and these types of events go on everyday. Many people were upset by it but to me they need to realize that this is the world we live in. Does that mean they have or want to watch? Absolutely not but do not discount it as sensationalism. What we shot was so much more graphic than what was aired and I understand why they did not use it. In what aired the rape had not totally begun. It was suggestive. I thought it was a good scene and on point with the story and not added to draw in viewers. That suggestion is absurd. I know Ron Moore very well and he is not the kind of person or writer to add scenes purely for sensationalistic or ratings purposes. They have to be on point, truthfully reflect the situation and todays world and be relevant to the story or they are not there. It also amazes me that people have no problem with beatings, shootings, bombings, stabbings etc. but show a breast, a bottom, or a grope and they fly off the wall to condemn it. This happens in all areas of film, television and theatre and it is ridiculous.