Aaron Eckhart

Aaron Eckhart


3/12/1968, Santa Clara County, California, USA

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Aaron E. Eckhart


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Aaron Eckhart was born on March 12, 1968 in Cupertino, California. He grew up there with his two brothers. His mother was a children's book author and poet called Mary Eckhart. His father's job was a computer executive. Aaron and his family moved to England and later Sydney.…more


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    • Eckhart: (on Love Happens) I read the script and I thought as an actor that it really was a challenge to play everything in the movie. You know, you dealt with grief, the death of a wife, the inability to lead an honest life afterwards, the inability to love again. It had so many fun things as an actor to play that attracted me. I thought it was well written. I figured I hadn't done something like this before and then Jen was in the movie and I thought it was a challenge for me as an actor.

    • Eckhart: (On the character Harvey Dent) I believe that it's stronger if you have a heart. If you can relate to a character who's a villain, or not, it's always better. If I can help you to relate to my character, then I think that I'm more likely to keep your attention.

    • Aaron: (revealing he once clamped a clothes-peg on his genitals to improve his acting) I had to pretend that my nuts hurt, so I put a clothespin on my nuts. Otherwise, you're just learning your lines and saying them. There's no art in that. People say, 'Why do you want to put a clothespin on your nuts?' You know why? Because that's what I do for a living.

    • Aaron (on Erin Brokovich (the movie)): I had no expectations of it being so great. I didn't know if it was going to make money

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  • Eckhart is really talented.

    Aaron Eckhart is one of my favorite actors. He's really talented at what he does. And he's not one of those stars that you see all over the front pages of the gossip magazines with rumors buzzing this way and that. He seems like a nice guy. My favorite movies that he's been in are probably, "No Reservations," as Nick, and "The Dark Knight" as Harvey Dent. There are plenty of other movies with him that I love though. Those are just two of them.

    But, yeah. Aaron Eckhart is a very talented actor and, as far as I can tell, a very nice guy.moreless
  • He is a good actor

    Aaron Eckhart, a very original actor if there ever was one. His most recent movie role was (Two-face) on the dark knight.

    When i first saw him in core i liked him alot, and from there i was always watching his movies.

    He was very good in Thank you for smoking which is a good movie by the way.

    Aaron is a rugged good looking man with talent and i hope to see him in many more movies in the future.

    I wonder what his next role will be as.

    Any way He is my favorite actor under sean bean.

    Well im outta :) :)moreless