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    • During his time before (and during) the show Mission Hill, Aaron lived an incredibly lazy life reminiscent of the main character Andy French in the episode "Unemployment Part 2," which he wrote. He also remarked that he was so lazy that he could have slept through a dog barking on his chest.

      He would also stay at the Mission Hill writing office for days at a time, and would rarely shower and instead use Febreeze to try and cover up the smell.

    • Aaron's commentary can be heard on the Avatar: The Last Airbender Book 1, Volume 5 DVD for the episodes "The Waterbending Master," "The Siege of the North (Part 1)," and "The Siege of the North (Part 2)."

    • His wife's name is Elizabeth and they named their son Paul.

    • He is currently living in California.

    • He graduated from Harvard in 1995.

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  • The Untitled Mel Swoops Project: Episode 1 "Swoops vs Germany"

    In this episode, Swoops, the fast-talking protagonist and his level headed buddy Darryl find a German Shepherd outside the bowling alley one night. After a debate on the dog's fate, it is alluded that Swoops' girlfriend is allergic and Darryl's landlord won't let him keep the dog. They set out to find the original owner. What they discover is that the dog belongs to Erwin Rommel IV, descendant of the Nazi general, who lives just a few blocks away from Darryl. And when they uncover a suspected sinister plot on Rommel's part. What follows can only be described as a hilarious Huck Finn-like journey of self discovery ending when Swoops and Darryl give the dog to the police who in turn, arrest Swoops for dog-napping and Rommel for conspiracy.

    Swoops makes bail and charges are dropped on all parties as it was all just a big misunderstanding. It turns out that Rommel was just baking a cake, or something.moreless