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Aaron Fors

Aaron Fors



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Aaron Fors


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Aaron Lawrence Fors was born in Oregon, City Oregon on January 30, 1989. Creativity was an integral part of growing up in the Fors household and it was no different with Aaron, the youngest of seven. With two of his older siblings, Aaron began taking his first steps…more


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  • I grew up a huge fan of Aaron Fors acting. Even though it is waaaay too far and few between. I just saw down in the valley, and I loved it, he rocked. I hope it leads to him getting more work.moreless

    Unlike all the *young actors* you see on TV all the time, there is really something unique and different about Aaron.

    I think he is a brilliant actor, not *young actor*

    At this point it is just getting creepy, I have seen him on like guest spots on tv and stuff, and he is from somewhere else like every time.

    I read in his imdb bio that he does a bajillion accents, but jeez.

    It be cool if he can do an irish accent. *ireland rocks*

    I never understood what the big deal with all these like OC guys is.

    But whatev

    Go see down in the valley, Ed Norton rocked too!moreless