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  • May just be the one character on the show that really reacts the way most people would during one of their lockdowns.

    Aaron is one of those characters on a show that you cannot help to root for. Although Zak and Nick also seem to act on camera as they would off, Aaron really goes even farther with his reactions to strange sounds and feelings when spirits are present. Whenever Aaron gets really spooked he yells, "OH MY GOD!"...sometimes two or three times in a row. Unfortunately, Aaron's private life was rattled by what was brought home with him after visiting Bobby Mackey's Music World for the first time in 2008. Newly married, both him and his new wife were having the same nightmares about Bobby Mackey trying to get through their bedroom window and other strange things. Although they remain good friends, they had to break the marriage off because whatever was haunting Aaron was also haunting her.