Aaron Grady

Aaron Grady


10/1/1990, Detroit, MI

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  • I\'ve known Aaron Grady for a while. Really since we were little kids. He\'s always had a great sense of humor.

    I have known Aaron Grady for a while. Really since we were little kids. He's always had a great sense of humor from the beginning.

    If Hollywood is willing to provide Aaron J. Grady with a show, then he should get one. He's done enough guest starring (and they were great). He now needs a show that will showcase all of his abilities and great talent.

    His great comedic timing from "The Big House" and "The Bernie Mac Show" to his dramatics that will bring a tear to your eye in "ER" and "Cold Case". He will be one of the greatest rising stars to ever hit Hollywood.moreless
  • Aaron Grady got his start at 13 years old in Detroit, Michigan.

    Aaron Joshua Grady got his start in Detroit, Michigan as a class clown. At only 13 years old he landed the role of C.J on a new comedy seriers called The Big House starring Kevin Hart(scarry Movie 3). He and his mother moved to California to follow, his newfound career in acting.He also got a role on a prospective nickelodeon television show called \'Neds Declassified\'.Aaron has also apperard on the Cold Case files, and E.R.

    Personally, i think Aaron gardy is a graet actor with a fresh young vibe. With his witty humor and uncanny comedic style,Aaron is bound for greatness.moreless