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Aaron Jeffery


Auckland, New Zealand

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Aaron Jeffery


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Born in Auckland he moved to Australia at the age of 17, and studied at NIDA. He graduated in 1993, and began his television career on the children's programme Ship to Shore. He currently plays the character of Alex Ryan on the drama McLeod's Daughters. In 2004 won…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Aaron quite enjoys boxing, doing it to stay fit as well as improving his agility. He and McLeods Daughters co-star Myles Pollard used to spar together, and on one occasion Aaron accidentally broke Myles' nose.

    • As a young actor, Aaron had a very disturbing experience with a stalker. The man harrassed him for seven years, and it ended with the man attacking Aaron out on Sydney's Oxford Street. Aaron says of the experience, "It's the ugly, flip side of the business. It shook me up." After that, he voluntarily withdrew from the industry for two years. During that time, he worked as a stationhand in outback NSW and studied theology before returning to take up the role of Alex Ryan in McLeod's Daughters.

    • While starring as Alex Ryan on the hit show McLeods Daughters, Aaron liked to joke that he was "the meat in the chick-flick sandwich".

    • Before becoming an actor, Aaron worked as a security guard doorman, debt collector, and an insurance salesman. He also was a farmer/rancher.

    • Aaron has a tattoo on his left upper arm. It's a torch with the legend "Have Life". He got it as a teenager, and represents "The Eternal Flame of Life."

    • Aaron is a country music fan, particularly Lee Kernaghan and Beccy Cole.

    • Aaron has had several brushes with the law. At seventeen he left New Zealand for Australia because he had warrants out for him due to a stack of unpaid traffic tickets. He's since returned and paid his fines in full. Later, he was taken to court and pleaded guilty to the charge of assaulting and threatening his now ex-wife Melinda. He was given 12 months probation for this offense, as well as undergoing court ordered therapy for anger management.

    • In 1995, Aaron co-founded the theatre company Threshold Productions.

    • Aaron's theatre credits include:
      Shadow Boxing "Boxer", dir. John O'Hare
      Love Letters "Andrew Makepeace", Ripe Productions Pty Ltd
      (2004) A Clockwork Orange "Alex", Sydney Theatre Company, dir. Jason Clarke
      (2004) Fred "Rod", Sydney Theatre Company, dir. Mary Anne Gifford
      (2003) Love For Love "Jeremy", Sydney Theatre Company, dir. David Berthold
      (2002) Elegies "Patient Zero", NIDA/Threshold Productions, dir. Tony Knight
      (2002) No Names, No Pack Drill, Marian St, dir. Andrew Tighe
      (2001) Bouncers, Threshold Productions, dir. John O'Hare
      (2000) A Midsummer Nights Dream "Theseus/Oberon", Elston Hocking Woods, dir. Glen Elston
      (1999) The Crucible "Marshall Hedrick", Sydney Theatre Company

    • Aaron is 6'5" (198 cm), with brown hair and green eyes.

    • Aaron is represented professionally by the Australian firm Mollison Keightley Management. Johnson & Laird Management also represent him in Sydney, New Zealand and the US.

    • Playing Alex Ryan on McLeod's Daughters was quite easy for Aaron, because he'd had previous experience as a farmer, as well as a deep love for Australia. When he got the part, he moved to Australia and purchased an 130 year old stone cottage located near to where the series was shot.

    • Aaron won both the 2004 and 2007 TV Week Silver Logie Award for 'Most Popular Actor' for his role on the hit TV show McLeod's Daughters. He was also nominated for the same award in both 2005 and 2006.

  • Quotes

    • Aaron: (on being charged with assaulting his ex-wife) Listen, I think that in life we all make mistakes and have regrets. Unfortunately, when you're an actor and have a profile in the public eye then that is amplified. Those things are always hard because when things are printed you don't get a chance to tell your side of the story. But in the end the people who love you know your side.

    • Aaron: (on playing Alex on "McLeod's Daughters") Playing a bronco rider is like a childhood dream.

    • Aaron: I actually started acting as therapy. I couldn't afford a psychologist. My biggest fear was standing up in front of people and I wanted to conquer that.

    • Aaron: (on his role of Alex on "McLeod's Daughters") The opportunity to combine farming and film making was too good to resist.

    • Aaron: (asked for his career highlight of 2006) All the stuff I did with Michelle Langstone's character, Fiona [on McLeod's Daughters]. Obviously, the Stevie storyline has been fantastic, too.

    • Aaron: (asked what went through his mind when he was announced as the winner of 'Most popular Actor' at the 2007 Logie Awards) Shock that I wasn't drunk enough to get up and speak!