Aaron Paul





8/27/1979 , Emmett, Idaho, USA

Birth Name

Aaron Paul Sturtevant




Aaron Paul, more popularly known as Jesse Pinkman from AMC's drug-driven dark-humored drama, Breaking Bad, has gotten the whole bad guy act down to a science. From perennial perp in the crime shows he has guest-starred in, to his breakout role as a high school dropout who partners with his former chemistry teacher to infiltrate the local meth trade, Paul has portrayed each shady character to pinpoint precision. Ironically, Aaron was raised in a religious and loving environment by his father, a retired Christian Baptist minister, and his very supportive mother. He always took part in church programs and was excited about performing in plays in their hometown of Emmett, Idaho.

It was in his eighth grade that Aaron realized the career path he wanted to take. During his years in Centennial High School in Boise, Idaho, he joined the theater department and got obsessed with the idea of acting for a living. After graduating, Paul moved out to Los Angeles, California to pursue his dream. It took him a while to get his stride. He even worked as an usher at the Universal Studios Movie Theatre in Hollywood during the late 90s and accepted whatever small roles that came his way. His television debut was in an episode of Beverly Hills, 90210, which was followed by an appearance in another Aaron Spelling series, Melrose Place. For almost a decade, Paul was able to maintain a steady acting career with a slew of guest appearances on dozens of TV shows including The X-Files (2001), CSI (2002), Veronica Mars (2005), Criminal Minds (2005), and Ghost Whisperer (2006).

On the big screen, Aaron played the estranged son of Jeff Bridges in K-Pax (2001) and Tom Cruise' brother-in-law in Mission Impossible: III (2006). He also had a memorable performance as Owen in the MTV's compelling drama on drug addiction, Wasted (2002). In 2007, Paul got the break he was waiting for as he was tasked to play Scott, the older fiance' of Amanda Seyfried on the HBO family drama Big Love. Although it was merely a recurring role, he got the opportunity to showcase his versatility playing the responsible and committed partner. The following year, Aaron, as a series regular, broke bad once more as his character found himself in crazy situations while engaging in the production and distribution of crystal meth with his unlikely accomplice and business partner, Walter White, brilliantly portrayed by award-winning actor Bryan Cranston in the AMC original series, Breaking Bad.