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  • I'm not sure why I tasked myself with writing a review for this talented actor, except that I saw that the previous reviewer had given him a score of "1" - I think, in error. I don't know that much about him - just that I enjoy his acting in Breaking Bad.

    I did read somewhere that his real name is Aaron Paul Sturtevant, and that he was raised in the mid-west. Almost every character he has portrayed would belie that beginning. I see that he has guest starred on numerous programs - the one not mentioned where I remember seeing him, is on Bones. He played the owner of a comic book store, who was also developing a super hero to sell as his own. The person who illustrated the story was killed, so Brennan and Booth stepped in. But what I really want to say is how much I have enjoyed watching Mr. Paul in this past season of Breaking Bad. His Emmy nomination and win were truly deserved. His character displayed true emotions; basically because the people he had held dear, had either been killed or had abandoned him. It is impossible to watch the scene between his character, Jesse, and Walter White, while Jesse is hospitalized (Hank Schrader had beaten him up within an inch of his life) without being moved. He tells Walter, through his tears, that everything and everyone he has ever loved has been taken from him, and that Walter is to blame. He states, "...you have left me with Nothing,I have nothing..." - and Walter can only agree and leave the room. It is a pivotal moment, I think; the one which brings the two characters closer together. Walter, too, has lost or is in the process of losing everything. I look forward to seeing the further development of these two in the upcoming season.