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    • Aaron: (on the ending of Breaking Bad) No, I'm happy that they're ending it. I love it so much and with that said, I will be very sad to say goodbye to that. But it will be good to close that chapter and I'm glad they're not going to stretch out the story lines and just milk it, you know? And they're going to stay true and honest and keep the quality where it's at right now. Or even go beyond that. I think shows are best when they end and people want more so that people continue to talk about it. When a show continues to keep going and going and going and just wanted it to end years ago then it loses that magic.

    • Aaron: (about taking on more major roles) I would absolutely love to do that as well, even more so, but I really don't even care what the role is. I will literally do anything [laughs].

    • Aaron: (in reference to his involvement with "Breaking Bad") It's so nice to be part of a project that you're actually really proud of because when I first started, just to make ends meet I started doing commercials and small guest stars here and there. A lot of them I really loved, but sometimes I'd be like, 'Oh, my God, I can't believe I have to say this –' or 'I can't believe I have to do this show to pay my rent.'

    • Aaron: I've never been around that kind of drug. Living in Los Angeles you run into other sketchy things, but heroin is so dark and intense and very specific.

    • Aaron: (on show business) This business is such a rollercoaster of crazy rejections and emotions, but I knew that going into it, so you've got to be definitely a very strong person to try and survive this.

    • Aaron: (on working in Albuquerque for "Breaking Bad") I actually hated it during the pilot. I loved working, obviously. But I would just go to work, and then go back to the hotel and I couldn't find much to do. But when we started shooting the series I fell in love with the city. It's just nice to get away from the hustle of Los Angeles, and the skies are endless out there. It's like a beautiful painting every day.

    • Aaron: (on acting) For me it's the funnest thing in the world, just zipping up in a different skin and completely act like someone who's the polar opposite of yourself.

    • Aaron: I do love lighter stuff, I just find myself being inspired by these really dark interesting materials. I guess I lean towards the crazy situations because it's hard for me to sink my teeth into something super light and fluffy. But I'm game to try!

    • Aaron: (on having the bad guy vibe) I don't get it, I feel that I'm a very nice person. My father is a retired Christian Baptist Minister, my mother is the sweetest person on the planet and I grew up with great morals -- but people say I have really intense eyes. I don't know how to take that.

    • Aaron: (about playing Jesse Pinkman on "Breaking Bad") It's fun to tackle, but it's also very dark and sad at times, especially with the research I did and reading these stories about families that have been destroyed by this horrible drug. And I personally in my life have had people that I'm really close to, I've watched them get lost in this drug, and it literally ate their soul alive. They turned from these beautiful creatures into different people altogether, which is so sad.

    • Aaron: (on playing Scott in "Big Love") It's nice, because I never really get to play the straight-edge kid, I'm always a little off beat or kind of play darker roles or really over-the-top humorous roles. But this is kind of a straight-laced kid. You know, a good boy.