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    • [On how he got his job on The Daily Show]
      Aasif Mandvi: It's actually kind of a cool story. I went down there, it was August 9, 2006, and I got a call that morning from my manager saying they wanted me to come down and audition for The Daily Show at three that day. I basically put on a shirt and tie and went down there at three and met Jon Stewart and went on The Daily Show set and did this piece with him and we just did it and he basically just turned around and said, 'Congratulations, you're hired.' I wasn't hired as a regular correspondent initially, I was hired as a one-off, kind of coming in every now and then when they needed something. But it was amazing because basically I got hired right there and I was a huge fan of The Daily Show anyway. I was kind of just in this place, I was like, 'Really? Awesome.' It was just that kind of moment. And then he was like, 'Yeah we rehearse at 4:30 and then we tape at six, can you do it?' And I was like, 'Yeah.' That's how it went.

    • [On if he's ever went on audition where the role is stereotypical]
      Aasif Mandvi: Yeah, that happens a fair amount I would say. I feel like I'm at a point in my career now, where it happens less because of the roles I go in for. When it was early in my career it happened all the time and TV is the worst sort of culprit of this because it's such a machine, the TV factory. Sometimes, I would literally read a part and think it's great that these people have written a character for an Indian person but it's too bad that they've never actually met an Indian person.

    • Aasif Mavdvi: I can't explain why I wanted to act. I think being an artist is not a profession you choose, it chooses you.

    • Aasif Mandvi: There are characters I won't play because they are stereotypes. There is subject matter that I don't want to promote, like a terrorist plot, I won't do it. If the role is just a stereotype, then I have a problem. I have to feel like there's something to it.