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  • ABBA - Blurbs - Trivia - Birthdays of the ABBA members Note: the birthday of Anni-Frid Lyngstad ("Frida") is not quite correct. It reads correctly: 11/15/1945 - November 15, 1945 (not 1941) - probably mistyped. Kindest regards

    One of the most popular groups ever, still 26 years after their separation, that's ABBA. After having won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974, their way up to the heights of world wide success was to come inevitably.
    They sold several hundreds of million records worldwide and are still selling a few thousand recording and storage mediums a day. Nowadays only Björn and Benny still do active work to support the musical "Mamma Mia!" and the film in their worldwide success.
    Agnetha totally retired from all public work, except her 2004-Album "My Colouring Book" and her appearance at the 2008-Stockholm première of the "Mamma Mia!" film, and recently in Stockholm together with Frida on the occasion of getting an award for ABBA's life time work by a Swedish newspaper. But normally she is an extremely shy person and totally shrinks from appearing in the public at all. Frida generally enjoys her life and her enormous wealth - of course - (Agnetha surely does as well), although Frida has already suffered from serious strokes of fate...
    I will always remain their fan for the rest of my life!
  • Loved them for 11 years now!!!

    Yep, I have loved ABBA since I was 10 years old. I love them even more today. They sing some amazing songs. I even bought some songs of their's on iTunes. I bought some of the songs I did not have before, because I couldn't find the CDs. Some of their CDs are sooo hard to find, which totally sucks, because I love them so much. Those four are great role models for people, and their songs have some deep messages. They do songs I can totally relate to. And their voices? Don't get me started on how incredibly awesome I think the voices are! The guys song great, and as for Agnetha and Frida, do not ask me to choose between those two girls. I can't!!! They both rock! They all rock!!! ABBA rules!!!
  • Will there be others like them... we're never know

    So, I was born after this decent band, but they even impress this video-gaming, internet surfing, young novelist, and endless ways to come up with custom characters on Mortal Kombat and Sim gamer. Sure, there was cover band like the A*Teens were in their early days, but they keep the way it was meant to be for the generations to come. ABBA is one of the best music groups of all and even today, they are still fun to check out and still okay to admit loving. They made an impact on our view on music. They'll admit they weren't always clean, but that's what makes them cool. They weren't afraid to know their humans and do what make naturally: making music. They're still have the skills to perform well, even today. Will there ever be another band like them, besides Ace of Base and the A*Teens... well, only time will let music-loving know and reflect on a job well done.
  • Awesome Abba!!!

    Okay, I'm a 15-year-old girl who likes all the modern pop and all the hits that come on the radio, but I also love a lot of the pop groups and singers from the past. My friend, Tiffany, got my older sister, Jane, into Abba, and she got ME into them too! I love Abba so much! I love their music. I love their voices and their lyrics. They're four amazing people! I could listen to them all day if I had to. Trust me, if listening to their music was required in school, it would be one of my favorite homework assignments, because they rock! I can't believe how many people hate Abba and take them for granted. Y'all, stop messin' wit' Abba. What did they do to you lol? Abba, you four rock!
  • Best of the best ...

    ABBA will always be one of my top five all time favourite musical groups. The songs, the vocals, beautiful melodies ... they were simply incredible.

    I've been a huge fan of theirs for most of my lifetime, and they're one of only a handful of groups that I can still listen to without cringing. lol