Abby Brammell

Abby Brammell


3/19/1979, Kentucky, USA

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Abby Brammell


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Abby has appeared in a few episodes on tv shows like The Shield, Push, Star Trek: Enterprise, Six Feet Under, Nevada, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. She is currently playing the role of Tiffy Gerhardt on the Unit. She grew up in San Antonio, Texas.


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    • Abby Brammell: I like that Tiffy is her own woman. She is not worried about what other people think. As an actor, I look for strong, complex characters that are utterly human, who are taking a journey through their pain, desire, and frustration in order to live a more full and awake life.

    • Abby Brammell: My education at CMU was priceless. It prepared me to travel through emotional states of mind with clarity and precision and to honor all aspects of a production: the writing, directing, costuming, lighting, and stage design. Without the strong foundation I received there, I would not have lasted a moment in Hollywood.

    • Abby Brammell: I contribute my success to the power of my love for the human condition and my need to unlock and portray all the secrets of the heart.

    • Abby Brammell: The biggest challenge has been learning to trust my path and have patience with all the rejection and success.

    • Abby Brammell: (talking about When she knew she wanted to be an actor) I was 12 years old; my dad took me to see a production of "The Phantom of the Opera" in Toronto. I had never felt anything like what I experienced in that dark theater that night. I knew then that I would be an actor. I went home to Texas and signed up for all the drama classes I could take in my middle school and later in high school.

    • Abby Brammell: (talking about why she chose the role of Tiffy) The fact that David Mamet was involved and that I had worked with Shawn Ryan before on The Shield. Being a theatrically trained actor, I learned my craft by studying and watching Mamet's plays. It was such a rush to meet him in the audition room!

    • Abby Brammell: Many times I wondered, 'What the hell am I doing here?'

    • Abby Brammell: Someone is finally taking a look at the intense masculinity that goes into fighting and being a soldier, and also the feminine aspects at home that are very important to the men.

    • Abby Brammell: (About her role on the Unit) I love the balance of the masculine and the feminine.