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  • Very talented Actor.

    Abdoulaye N'Gom steals every scene he has ever been involved with in the hit television show 'My Name is Earl.' He first was introduced to the show during the episode titled 'Teacher Earl' during Season One. His character, named Nescobar A Lop Lop, is one of the students in Earl's class of non-English speakers that Earl is trying to teach English to in order to make up for having made fun of people with accents. In real life, Abdoulaye N'Gom is quite the linguist. He can speak over a handful of languages fluently. His latest appearance, in the Second Season Finale of 'My Name is Earl,' titled 'The Trial,' Nescobar A Lop Lop is an interpretor for Joy's defense team. Again, his talents and delivery of dialogue are second to none.