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  • I met Abel when he came to my hometown of Harrodsburg Ky in 1978 to play Chief Blackfish for the 1978 season of the Legend of Daniel Boone. Abel is such a wonderful and friendly man and such a talented actor. Incredible actor! Spent 4 years with us here.

    I loved everything every show this man has done. Golden Gloves champ also, not just middleweight champ! Last I heard from Abel he was living in Vertrees Ky with his wife Janie. I dont know if they are still married or not but thats the last i know of him living NOT in Mexico as a gentleman farmer. Also he was Mexican Aztec not native American. full name Abel micheal Alverderez Joseph deGonzalas Fernandez. Get it right when you talk about this Legend because thats what he truly is a LEGEND. God Bless you Abel wherever you are
    Cherokee 78