Accie C. Connor

Accie C. Connor


10/22/1972, Chicago Illinois

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Ace the Animal, D'Lo, D'Lo Brown
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    • Accie Connor is credited for accidentally ending the career of wrestler Darren Drozdov (who worked for WWE as Droz). Connor was about to perform a running powerbomb. He got hold of Drozdov, but something went horribly wrong and Connor dropped Drozdov on his head,making Drozdov paralyzed from the neck down.

    • On June 5th, 2008, D'Lo Brown signed a contract with WWE. This marks the first time he has been in WWE for five years.

    • It's claimed that Connor invented "The 911", a rarely seen move outside of the independent circuit, which is considered too dangerous by most wrestlers. This vertical throw starts as a power bomb but takes the opponent completely overhead in a 450º vertical spin to land face first behind the attacker. First used on Vinny Boombots the Reckless Youth in the early 90s, this move has yet to be adopted by any other wrestler. During the 2006 Royal Rumble, Chavo Guerrero used this move on Rey Mysterio. The move has also been used on Mysterio in another match in early 2005 by the late Eddie Guerrero.

    • Throughout the rest of 2005 and into 2006, Brown could be found touring Japan and the United Kingdom, as well as working for Irish Whip Wrestling in Ireland. During his time wrestling in England, he would face off in a series of matches against his Celebrity Wrestling opposition's trainer, Joe Legend.

    • In April 2005, he was one of the lead trainers of Celebrity Wrestling in the United Kingdom on ITV. This Saturday evening reality show saw celebrities learn wrestling and compete in challenge matches. After a few weeks the programme was to be cancelled, but was instead moved to Sunday mornings to finish its final episodes.

    • Connor went on to wrestle for All Japan Pro Wrestling, frequently teaming with fellow former WWE employee Bull Buchanan, and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling still under the name D'lo Brown.

    • On the February 16, 2003 episode of Heat, exclusive footage was shown of Theodore Long kicking D'Lo Brown to the curb for losing his match on RAW to Booker T. Long introduced Rodney Mack. Mack assaulted D'Lo and left him laying as Long and Mack got into a car and drove off. This was the last time D'Lo was ever seen by WWE fans because he was released by WWE on February 14th, 2003 and Rodney Mack went on to re-start Thuggin' and Buggin' Enterprises.

    • His trademark at this time was his chest protector, which he would wear to the ring, supposedly for an injury sustained to his torso in a match against Dan "The Beast" Severn. Instead, he would use the chest protector to his advantage, making his finishing move The 'Lo Down more deadly.

    • After turning on the first leader of the faction Faarooq, he eventually turned on the new leader of the group, The Rock and allied himself with then face, Mark Henry.

    • Connor began his wrestling career in New Jersey as Ace the Animal, competing against other unknowns like Vinny Boombots the Reckless Youth. This led to his first widely known role in Smokey Mountain Wrestling, playing the "head of security" for The Gangstas.

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