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    Hello, I'm Heylin_Prince but you can just call me HP and I am the new editor. If you want to contribute or discuss in the guides you must follow these simple rules.

    You are free to submit but I only ask these:

    1.You must provide an http:// source to the guides.

    2.All submissions MUST have proper capitalization, punctuation,and spelling.

    3. Ace's name has to be bold when writing a quote.

    5. If your doing a quote like this; Ace Frehley (talking about how he joined Kiss)

    Must be put in italics.

    6. If you want trusted contributor you have to get 30 or more contribution points.

    7. In the comment box just say "cool" or "interesting" but not something like "grapes taste good" or I'll reject regardless if you have a good submission or not.

    Forum rules will be pretty simple no trolling, spamming,flaming etc. etc.. I will leave all threads open for discussion as long as it doesn't violate the TOS.

    Thank you for your time and enjoy contributiing/discussing to the guide .

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