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    • Adam Baldwin: (on doing his own stunts on "Chuck") Um, most of the fight scenes. I try to stay away from the high falls, and any explosion work I'll stand clear. (Laughs) I don't really like fire and impact.

    • Adam Baldwin: (on doing a lot of sci-fi genre roles) It's just I go where the money is. I'm a practical guy. (Laughs) No, I've been very blessed that I've fortunately been involved in cool sci-fi projects.

    • Adam Baldwin: (on whether he has encountered a crazy fan; in a 2006 interview) No. Not yet! No, and I hope they don't and I hope they don't take me seriously enough to think that I'm important enough to do something crazy. I'm just a stupid actor.

    • Adam Baldwin: (on his early days as an actor) It's easier to be broke in L.A. than it is to be broke in New York. So it was the path of least resistance. The competition for stage acting in New York was so stiff, and at such a young age I wasn't qualified to compete. I wasn't trained enough, and it was discouraging. Also the film work was more abundant [in Los Angeles].

    • Adam Baldwin: There are two things I wish someone had told me early on. One is that if you can appreciate your situation while it's happening, you can look back on it and consider that you did the best you could. The other is what Spencer Tracy said: to show up, hit your mark, say your lines, and mean them. It's the journey to be able to accomplish that with simplicity yet profundity that's important, and it took me a long time to learn that.

    • Adam Baldwin: My wife has a joke where whenever I come home from an audition: She'll say, `Did they ask you how tall you are?' If the answer is yes, she knows immediately I didn't get the job.

    • Adam Baldwin: (about playing his character on "Chuck") It's hard to sell tough and funny and that's what I'm trying to get better at doing and this role affords that opportunity. Plus it's fun, it's silly, it's goofy and then there is this hard edge and then it goes back to silly and goofiness.

    • Adam Baldwin: The top-notch shows have pretty good crews and I'm a big fan of hard-working camera crews. They make our jobs so easy.

    • Adam Baldwin: Hopefully, young people will read more books, and it will cause them to think a little longer, than just react to pretty pictures.