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  • Funny but...

    is an ass.
  • Sometimes funny, but bad timing.

    This man has too many shows. I like the Adam Carolla Project, but it's not really because of him. He's always trying to be funny, but his timing is aweful and the jokes just don't hit. Maybe he's overworked. Maybe he just needs new writers. Just because your friends think that you are funny does not mean that you are a talented comic.... Sometimes he reminds me of a child trying to tell a joke. It doesn't come out right but he just won't admit that he screwed it up. He needs to learn the value of silence every so often. A little silence will make him seem so much funnier....
  • Adam Carolla is indeed a genius to my mind.

    Near instantly did I become a fan of Adam Carolla's while listening for the first time to one of his hilarious rants on Love Line five years ago.

    It is in substance because of Adam that I've been listening to Love Line ever since, as I love to hear him speak, for he always makes me laugh.

    Adam continues to arrest me with his edifying points that savor profound sagacity, ever awes me with his quippishness, his unabashedness when tonguing lewd thoughts, his honesty, his aptness to spontaneously deliver witty and detailed analogies, and with his ingenious harangues about a plethora of topics.

    Adam Carolla as I ensky him is one of my brightest idols.

    Matt, The Cryptic Writer
  • Very funny man

    This man can make anyone laugh without really trying, he's edgy, and is not afraid to voice his mind. His shows are all very funny, including Drawn Together, etc. He does voice acting very well, and has proven that with the character Death on Family Guy. Very funny young man!
  • In so many words. He disgusts me.

    He is a complete jackass. From his annoying demeanor to the pretentious high horse he sits on while he cuts people down. If he only spoke when he had something nice to say he would be mute. Which would be a vast improvement. What truley amazes me is not just he incredible lack of respect for people, but that he actually has a fan base. He's a testiment to our severely decaying civilization. He b*tches about everyone and anything that he comes in contact with. So this is who we should strive to become? Lets all be a**holes then we can complain about all the a**holes. Anyways I'll cut it short. The guy really gets under my skin. He makes lots of money being a complete jerk to people like us who work hard and treat people with respect.