Adam Garcia


Adam Garcia Trivia


  • Trivia

    • The Duchess of York met Adam one night after a performance of Saturday Night Fever, she was brought to his dressing room, he was dressed only in his underwear. Thankfully everyone maintained their dignity despite the fact that Adam was nearly naked!

    • When asked what would he be doing today if he wasn't a successful actor/dancer, he thought maybe a biologist, preferably somewhere near some quality surf.

    • Garcia enjoys skydiving. He once did a jump over the south of England so high, he said he could see the coast of France.

    • Adam has acknowledged Ngoro Ngoro crater in Tanzania as a place he would like to visit, because it's like a concentrated savannah. A miniature Africa if you will.

    • Garcia lists some of his favorite authors as: J.R.R Tolkein, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and Tom Robbins.

    • Garcia was a professional dancer at age 16.

    • Garica lists Johnny Depp and Paul Newman as inspiration and idols--it is their choices and their non-conformity attract and inspire him.

    • Garcia is a active supporter of the WSPA, The World Society for the Protection of Animals.

    • Adam had the lead in Bootmen, a film with Tap Dogs founder Dein Perry. Garcia played a tap dancing steel worker.

    • Adam studied dance at the legendary Capital Dance Studios in Sydney.

    • Adam is planning to marry his high school sweetheart Isabelle Catherine Sinclair in December 2006.

    • Adam decided to leave university when he was offered the role of Slide in the production of 'Hot Shoe Shuffle', which toured Australia before transferring to London.

  • Quotes

    • Adam Garcia: (when asked what wallpaper he had as a child) I didn't have wallpaper. In Australia we use paint.

    • Adam Garcia (When asked if he would be interested in playing a classic old movie character who would it be and why?) Gene Kelly for the obvious reasons.

    • Adam Garcia: (refering to his time in dance classes as a child) You eventually get used to looking at girls picking their leotards out of their bums and that sort of stuff.

    • Adam Garcia: I'm a loser on Sunday. Yeah, I'm a couch potato. I get up and try and eat and then back on the couch. And watch anything.

    • Adam Garcia: (on travelling) I love travelling, and had the pleasure of being in the most developed country in the world and then parts of two of the most pristine natural areas of the world: the Galapagos islands and the Equador Amazon jungle. The contrast was incredible.

    • Adam Garcia: They think my life is glamourous. It's not true. I obviously get to come in and do radio interviews. That's the glamour. But other than that, I eat and sleep and that's it. Eat, sleep and do shows.

    • Adam Garcia: It's the biggest buzz to be a part of the opening ceremony, but terrifying-1.4 billion people will get to see that. (refering to opening ceromony for 2000 Olympics in Sydney)

    • Adam Garcia: I played a lot of pool and went to the engineering bar where my brother was studying engineering. I was a real competent student, which is why I only lasted those six months in favour of a tap-dancing career.

    • Adam Garcia: I do like to keep mementos from my work, whether they be photos, the backs of make-up chairs or even props and clothes.