Adam Gentry

Adam Gentry


8/21/1978, Virginia, U.S.A.

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Adam Gentry


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Adam Gentry was born in Virginia Beach, Virginia and eventually moved to Fredericksburg, Virginia where he attended Courtland High School. He attended Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia, where he received a degree in marketing. While in college, he was very active in the Sigma…more


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  • The review before this seems like a biter ex girlfriend!

    I've known Adam since we were kids and he is a great guy. He is always positive and is the type of person that you can come to if you need someone.

    I was shocked when I stumbled across that negative review. Upon reading it, I realized that it probably was written by his ex girlfriend in San Diego Chrissy (chilly) Warren. Last I heard about Adam is that he is living in LA and is doing quite well. Good for you Adam and don't let crazy people bring you down!

    We will always love you here in Virginia!!!

    Best to you!

  • Conceited, self absorbed, cheap, lazy, hypocrite, fake, rude, liar, cheater, abusive at times, has no respect for others, inconsiderate, selfish. Postive: big smile that warms your heart,simple guy, laid back, good-looking, took his dad on the show.moreless

    Adam has been and is still involved with the same girl for over 2 1/2 yrs. He conveniently didn\'t want to be exclusive while filming Survivor. He\'s only asked her to be exclusive over and over since January 2006. As we all can see from watching the show, he had a little romance booming. Everyone sees this guy as a simple straight forward honest person. He\'s fooled you all. He\'s lied over and over, he denies being in a relationship at his convenience, he is not trustworthy whatsoever with any personal information, he\'s a mean drunk, and he is a back stabber. It\'s hilarious watching him **** about the other cast memebers when he has no room to talk. He is lazy, he is obnoxious, and thinks he is Einstein. It\'s funny bc he asked once how am I suppose to get a cab?? Hello, you were stuck on an island and you don\'t know how to call information. I can go on and on about him. Girls be warned, he tells you exactly what you want to hear, he is classic for spending time with his girlfriend but he\'ll tell you he was sick and couldn\'t make it out..He says he loves this girl and cares about her and I\'ve witnessed this but yet he wants to come across as the single guy. I don\'t know what my friend see s in him, he does nothing for her except yell at her and blame all their issues on her. He can\'t accept responsibility for his immature behavior. watch out folks, he is a fake. He\'ll tell you half the story that makes her look crazy but if you only knew the **** she deals with. He didn\'t even invite her to the final live show. They both live in san diego and plan on seeing each other over the holidays back east while they are visiting their families. I don\'t get it, I would think Adam would want to show off his girlfriend. She\'s beautiful, witty, smart, and a very genuine person but he chooses to let her hang. And this is the guy who says he loves her more than anything. Guess he wants to hog the spotlight. She would never treat him the way he has treated her if this situation was reversed. I\'m just a little annoyed with Adam, and I want people to know there is a not so nice side to him.moreless