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  • Hilarious...

    I'm not usually one for stand up comedians, but Adam Hills is an exception. I absolutely love him on spicks and specks and in the numerous stand up gigs that i've seen him in. Spicks and Specks would seriously be nothing without him. It's such a shame the commercial market hasn't given him much of a chance (up until now!). I love the random titbits he comes up with on the show, they're hilarious. He's much funnier than rove, at least in my opinion. It should be very interesting to see how he tackles the logies this year! I will definitely be watching.
  • Go you big red fire engine!!!

    I love Adam Hills. I find his comedy great, he has an interesting take on the world and himself, he's Australian, and he's pretty damn cute too. Another thing I really love about Adam is that he doesn't find the need to say f*** 10 times in one sentence, as many comedians these days do. It doesn't add anything to a show, so why do it? It's the reason I am not a great fan of comedians like Huesey or Wil Anderson. Now I'm not saying Adam never swears - he does. But not over the top, not all the time.

    Adam Hills' comedy is funny, relevant, he takes the piss out of the English, the Americans, the New Zealanders, and, yes, out of the Australians. All things a comedian needs to do!

    I wish Adam all the best in the future, especialy with the Logies.

    Go You Big Red Fire Engine!