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  • Decent actor.

    But not great either. Overated.
  • I love Adam Kaufman a fantastic actor.

    His talent is plain for all to see in Taken which is what he is probably more known for. His character goes through so much and he brilliantly portrays that.

    I have known about Adam since his stint on Buffy as the guy who used her and dumped her (Parker) who I will always remember him. And from starring in Altered which showcased his talents because even though it was a great movie he shined throughout.

    Adram is great at showing just the right emotions when needed. This guy needs his own show and NOW!
    If that is he doesn't already have one.
  • Acting is much more than words spoken by the character or tonal quality, unless, however, what one is observing is the audio only. The nonverbals displayed account for perhaps 60%. I was only recently introduced to actor Adam Kaufman, in TAKEN, and he h

    Adam Kaufman portrays Charlie in "Taken" (latter episodes), and while his acting throughout is flawless, there is one scene that left me spellbound and I had to watch it several times. It's the scene in which he had been taken by aliens for the last time and the principal of his school had come to his home to see how he was doing (as he'd taken a leave of absence from his job as a third-grade teacher). Charlie (Kaufman) used nonverbal expressions of fear, nervousness, confusion, etc. unparalleled by any actor I've ever seen on stage or film. His nonverbals, from every muscle in his face to what he did with his arms, hands, and general overall kenesic movements, were impeccable as an actor! This scene alone should have earned Kaufman an award. It was either superb directing, relentless rehearsal on his own time, or perhaps a combination of both - along with some obvious natural innate talent that enabled Kaufman to draw his audience into his inner self to fear what he feared, see what he saw, and feel every emotion that he was experiencing at that very moment.
    I have never heard of nor seen Kaufman until I bought the DVD set "Taken", but I am now most eager to see Kaufman in other work that he has done to study his talents more closely as an actor. I believe, as a Communication professional, that Kaufman could be excellent at Comedy. Although a very handsome actor, I don't see Kaufman as a Sex Idol playing bed scenes....he is too good to waste such time in the sack with some sexy actress (or actor). With his ability to draw from within and utilize every external feature at his disposal - he has the profound talent to convey his message either verbally or nonverbally at an instant projection that totally immerses his audience in what the writer wanted the audience to feel, see, and hear. I applaud Mr. Kaufman for for his tremendous acting ability.