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  • Gay Icon

    One of the greatest goth-pop/rock/gay-pop/club-pop/ballad-pop singers ever. Lady Gaga & Pink & Bruno Mars each wrote few tracks of his songs. Adam is a great icon for people and his glamberts and fashion icon.

    Love him. Great singer/song writer.Love how comfortable he is with himself.

    OMG! Adam lost....pretty, pretty sad. I think it was kinda rigged...because (as said so many times before by me and others) Adam is gay...or bi...or's just dumb. Mad World was his BEST song ever, he rocked Born To Be Wild and he just al around was...fantastic!!! He totally owned everyone else and I was rooting for him the WHOLE show. He's going places. Just because I need some more words...umm he looks like Pete Wentz meets one of the vampires from Twilight, and he sounds awesome (Better than Pete and Still need words...ADAM ROCKS! ADAM ROCKS! YAY ADAM!!!
  • absolutely horrible

    adam lambert better not win. i've never liked adam and i never will. kris is way better and if he loses i'll be so mad. adam is so overrated it's not even funny. he-i mean she- screams when he sings. i don't understand why the judges love him so much and i dont understand why a lot of americans like this "girl". well, a lot of people i know hate adam, so that's good. adam doesn't belong on american idol... he belongs on broadway. i'd never ever buy his cd or go to any of his concerts (although i'm going to the american idols tour this summer. i guess i should cover my ears when he comes on). BOOO ADAM!!!
  • Simon said "you will be liked or hated." We can see it on Simons face that he wants to Criticize Adam. But he has jumped on the wagon and its hard to take back his praises(espacially after Paula irresponsibly compared Adam to Jagger & Tyler). Singing?..

    The Judges have ALL stated that SINGING, NOT originality or boldness or creativity is what they are SUPPOSED to be REALLY judging. Ever since Adams tinsel, delirious hype about him being a "genius"(specially by Paula), Simon has recently begun to use the word "originality," as if to hint for Adams favor. If the judges wanted "originality," then they should have been ORIGINALLY consistant. They brought along the contestants by SINGING merit, NOT creativity. If Adam had "dared" in the beginning to SCREAM as he does, he would have long ago left the show. Its NOT fair he's beeing shown favortism
  • Adam Lambert is one of the most recognizable and diverse artists in the industry of music today.

    I first took notice of Lambert during Michael Jackson week on the reality show, American idol. I had seen his audition for the show early on, but wasn't completely sure he would last through each week, when he had a voice that seemed more suitable for Broadway or plays, where his voice could roam free as it pleased. However, that week I was proven wrong in my assumptions. Lambert surprised me. He took an MJ song we all knew and loved, and made it into something I could actually hear on the radio. In fact, it might have even been something MJ himself would have been proud of. Lambert belted out note after note, some of which I was sure skyrocketed higher than any note I'd ever heard. His voice reminded me of the late great Freddy Mercury. It was beautiful, strong and contemporary, something that made women everywhere swoon, I'm sure.
    Week after week, I tuned in to check out what Lambert would do next. I ate up every chance I had to hear him sing...I also ate up every chance I had to watch him perform. Let me tell you, this guy is not a one trick pony. When he gives you a performance - he gives you a performance. A high energy, moving, stunning performance. I nearly bawled my eyes out when he sang his cover of Yvonne Elliman's "If I Can't Have You." He turned that thing upside down, making it into a ballad and caressed those lyrics with so much emotion and experience, it took my breath away.

    Needless to say, it shocked me a bit when the results of the finale were announced and Kris Allen was crowned the American idol. But, you know what? It's all good, baby. We'll be seeing much more of Mr. Lambert for years to come. He's not just a singer - he's an artist, carrying so much more in that soul of his, than meets the eyes.

    American idol is so rigged! Adam Lambert should have won! Now i am so so so so so so so so so so so so so mad! This is retarded. Adam better have a successful singing career, or else i am gunna flip! I think he will. Kris is going to be not as successful as Adam. I just think Adam worked harder than Kris to win this thing. And look who won, Gay Kris. This year is totally unfair. The finally was so stupid, because Adam should have won! Words can't even describe how angry i am right now!

    Adam is the best contestant American Idol has ever had, really. From day one, he has been most entertaining and his voice makes my heart skip a beat or two. ;) Whether he gets the AI title or not, (which he certainly is most deserving of), he's already a star. Can't wait to buy his cd..don't think I'll buy Kris's, sorry hon. I'm so sick and tired of people with their ignorant comments and negative or not, he still is the most talented. I'm still waiting for Kris to hit those high notes...but he just doesn't have what it takes. To have a voice like Adam Lambert's, one has to be gifted. Sure you can improve upon that voice, but it has to be there to begin with. Every performance Adam has had, flawless....
    Remember also, Adam is the only one who received a standing ovation...that right there says a lot. I think they should leave the judging up to the least we will know that it was fair. Either way, Adam will have much success....Kris as well, but I'm willing to lay money down that Adam sells more cd's...just my gut instinct. ;) Love you Adam!!! You were born a star...with or without American Idol! :)
  • Adam is still the King this week, and when Adam and Allison performed their duet...Allison became Adam Lambert's Queen. Adam is a true phenomenon of talent the music industry hasn't seen in quite a while. There is Elvis, The Beatles...and Adam Lambert..

    Adam is still the King this week, and when Adam and Allison sang the duet...Allison became Adam's queen. Danny and Kris were out of their element with this style of music, however, I did like the first half of Danny's solo. Unfortunately, I think Danny was trying to compete with Adam in hitting high notes and that's just not going to happen. Adam's easiness on hitting high notes is something Adam can only do. I would love to have seen Adam do Danny's song. Actually, I would love to have seen Adam perform all the songs!!!Adam is a true phenomenon of talent we haven't seen for some time. his talent will be measured in the same light when entertainers like Elvis Presley and The Beatles were first introduced. Adam is a wonderment in style and showmanship like no other!... We can't seem to get enough of him. American Idol had better sign him to a long contract because he will be a moneymaker and a sellout entertainer. American Idol could take all of Adam's weekly performances and make a music video that would automatically compete and outperform producers who are trying to make videos for existing artists now.