Adam LaVorgna

Adam LaVorgna


3/1/1981, New Haven, Connecticut

Birth Name

Adam Liam LaVorgna



Also Known As

Adam La Vorgna
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Adam was born in New Haven, Conneticut on March 1, 1981. He is the youngest of three children with whom he was raised with in North Branford. LaVorgna's on screen career began when he was three years old at which time he first appeared on the daytime series…more


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    • Adam LaVorgna: (About his role on 7th Heaven) I like what happens to Robbie. When I appear on the show, I had it all wrong: family, relationships, everything. Robbie has really learned Camdens. He was the bad boy of the series, but he's not really. He's a good kid at heart. Just like me. I have had some trouble, but I am a good kid at heart.

    • Adam Lavorgna: I love Los Angeles but when you are here as an actor, you feel like a fish in water. But there is nothing like home. People are different. I am not so recognized in LA, but at home, it's the opposite. People are always like, 'hey, aren't you the one who plays in ...?' It's fun.

    • Adam LaVorgna: I like to go out, but not until midnight or so. Clubs in Los Angeles close at two o'clock in the morning. Enough for a good time and to dance.

    • Adam LaVorgna: I am a spontaneous person. I like to do the things randomly.

    • Adam LaVorgna: I could not remain with the same girlfriend during a long time. But that completely changed. I matured.

  • A charming, very, very talented young man, Unfortunately it is rare to see him in Danish television. Hoping and wishing all the best for him in the future. For Danish fans please read more here: Hopefully he will have a lot of succes amoreless

    In Denmark we have met Adam LaVorgna in "7th Heaven" as Robbie Palmer.

    I think he played the role perfect, with charm and talent - and humor :)

    Its impossible for me to watch television from USA, I would love to se him in the series in which he participate. Hopefully some of them will be shown in Danish Television some day...

    I am a great fan of Adam LaVorgna, although I am not a teenager anymore (far from in fact) *smile*

    and hoping and wishing him all the best, in his private life and as an actor :)

    For those of you how reads danish, please visit, and if you any news about him, please mail me :)

  • great actor

    i think adam is a great actor ,i think its a shame that i dont see him on tv anymore .

    he was one of my main reasons i watched 7th heaven , along with david gallagher , both extremely hot.

    i liked him in The Beautician and the Beast (1997) in which he played with Fran Drescher from the series the nanny.

    well now to the acting part , i have to be objective not al girls will like him for his looks(i like him not just for his looks, he is a great actor).

    my ratings :

    acting 8/10

    looks 9,5/10

    Come on ladies , what do you think ??moreless