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Adam Malis is a 30 year old man who participated on the sixth season of The Amazing Race with his girlfriend Rebecca and finished third. After participating, the two broke up and went in separate directions.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Adam is a personal trainer/teacher of a spinning class.

    • Adam's nickname is Hellboy.

    • Adam was considered to be a wussy boy who acted like a five year old half the time by his partner Rebecca, and also by the other contestants of The Amazing Race. Adam and Rebecca are no longer a couple.

    • While participating on The Amazing Race 6, Adam and his partner Rebecca visited the following countries (in order): Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Senegal, Germany, Hungary, Corsica, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, and China.

    • Adam and his partner Rebecca visited a total of four continents, 11 countries and had traveled 40,000 miles while participating on The Amazing Race 6.

  • Quotes

    • Adam: (on leg 10 of The Amazing Race 6, while traveling through China) This has been the worst day ever. I hate China.

    • Adam: (on leg 4 of The Amazing Race 6) I am definitely a baby. I definitely live at home with my Mommy and Daddy.

    • Adam: (on leg 1 of The Amazing Race 6) I don't care what people think of me. I've been that way my whole life.

    • Adam: When I first started hanging out with Rebecca, we were sitting on her bed one day and you know how girls start playing with people's hair? Well, she put a hair band or two in my hair and she was like, "It looks cute; I kinda like it." So we went out that night and I left them in. I don't think she expected that two years later, I'd still have them and that they'd be on national TV! Everyone was really adamant that I should cut them [off] before going on the show, but I said, "No, we'll stand out." Rebecca was the only person who told me to keep them. I'm glad I kept them, and I'm a little sorry they're gone now. My head is a little cold. But I'm thinking of putting them up on eBay for an auction and donating the proceeds to a charity or something.

    • Adam: I'm back in Los Angeles, doing the West Coast thing like always. I think that I'm finally going to move out of my parents' basement this summer. I'm talking to people about doing a fitness/adventure TV show. I also really want to do is be in a circus, so I'm taking classes in trapeze and gym balancing. Maybe one day you'll go to Vegas and see me in Cirque du Soleil!

    • Adam: (how he met Rebecca) She was a guest at my gym, and I saw her and stared at her for about a week, drooling. One day, she signed up for a spinning class at a time I don't teach, but the other instructor didn't show up. So somebody at the front desk knew that I liked her and paged me to come in to teach the class.

    • Adam: First of all, I think Rebecca is a rock star. She kicked ass. But everyone always asks me, "Are you happy with the way they edited you?" And I'm always like, "That's who I am." That's me.

    • Adam: When we were in Japan, we tried to get on the flight Freddy and Kendra were on. We had tickets for a later flight, but we were trying to switch to the earlier plane. The woman at the counter would not let us on! We had no bags to check and there were definitely seats available. While I was standing there, she let at least 10 people on the plane ahead of us. I threw the biggest tantrum in front of that woman.

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  • I'm sure we all remember this guy, but is it in a good way?

    Adam Malis is average.

    He participated on the sixth season of The Amazing Race (my favourite of all seasons) and finished third with his partner Rebecca. However, the two are now separated and going in different pathways. But while participating on the race, Adam and Rebecca pretty much bickered the whole way through and almost gave up at one point while in Sri Lanka on the ninth leg.

    The fact is, Adam is good but is definitely a baby, meaning that he acts like a five year old half the time and lives with his mummy and daddy. Rebecca even pointed out Adam's babiesh behaviour. She said that he couldn't even cut his own toe nails!!

    The only thing that Adam did that truly stood out was challenge Jonathan Baker to a fight (in the fifth leg - Berlin, Germany) but Rebecca begged him not to, Good. I'm surprised that after all their bickering and arguing, they came in third. The luck of the game I guess. There was a time where they could have been eliminated on Leg 10: Shanghai, China because they were last, but it was a Non-Elimination leg.

    In spite of Adam's negatives, he and Rebecca did come in third place after all which was an amazing achievement! Well done. I guess the race taught Adam a lot about acting like a grown-up. He's 30 years old now, so hopefully, cuts his own toe nails and lives somewhere other that with his parents. Good person though.

    Overall, good person with positives and negatives.moreless