Adam Pascal

Adam Pascal


10/25/1970, The Bronx, NY

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Adam Pascal was born on October 25, 1970 in the Bronx. He moved to Syosset, Long Island, when he was 10. His RENT costar, Idina Menzel, grew up within 20 miles of him and the two shared an orthedontist. When Adam was 12, he relized music was his…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In the movie Rent, Adam performed in Seasons of Love, Rent, You'll See, One Song Glory, Light My Candle, Life Support, Another Day, Will I?, Santa Fe, La Vie Boheme, I Should Tell You, Without You, I'll Cover You: Reprise, Goodbye Love, What You Own, Finale A, Your Eyes, and Finale B.

    • Adam left Mute in September of 1995.

    • Adam often described himself as a "total metal head" as a teenager.

    • Adam's middle name is Jay.

    • Movie Credits:

      NFL Dad - Rumored
      RENT - Roger Davis
      No Day But Today: The Story of RENT - Himself
      Temptation - Nicholi
      The School of Rock - Theo
      SLC Punk! - Eddie

    • TV Credits:

      Cold Case (Willkommen) - Dennis Hofferman
      The Tony Danza Show (Episode #2.62) - Himself
      The View (11/25/2005, 1/6/2005) - Himself
      Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show (11/21/2005) - Himself
      Today (11/16/2005, 8/4/2005) - Himself
      Live With Regis And Kelly (10/13/2005) - Himself
      Broadway's Best - Himself
      My Favorite Broadway: The Love Songs - Himself
      The Rosie O'Donnell Show (6/21/1996) - Himself

    • Discography:

      Rent (2005 Movie Soundtrack)
      Rent (1996 Original Broadway Cast)
      Aida (2000 Original Broadway Cast)
      Model Prisoner
      Rent (Highlights from the Original 2005 Motion Picture Soundtrack)
      The Best Of Rent: Highlights From The Original Cast Album (1996 Original Broadway Cast)

    • Adam is Jewish.

    • Adam stands at 5'10"

    • In RENT, Roger's band was originally called the Well Hungarians, but the director of the film changed the name to Mute - which was Adam Pascal's band in junior high!

  • Quotes

    • Adam Pascal: I am definitely less green than I was back then. What I meant by that was that I wasn't an actor and really at that point had no intention of continuing to pursue acting. What I did in "Rent" was just very natural. From day one I just connected to the role and the music and I think that's why I was successful in it.

    • Adam Pascal: (About his experiences in RENT) When I was doing the play, it was hard for me to understand why people reacted so strongly to it. I thought it was great, but I didn't understand until I left why it had such a visceral impact. Now I know that when you watch it, whatever your individual issues are, you feel like a little bit of something has been lifted off your shoulders. And that's so rare.

    • Adam Pascal: I had more fun making the movie than I did making the show Off-Broadway [where Rent began]. I'm older and wiser, and all the people that I was working with are now my close friends, as opposed to brand new friends. It was like going to camp with your old friends.

    • Adam Pascal: Ignorance is bliss. I wish I still had some.

    • Adam Pascal about Chris Columbus casting the original cast of Rent for the movie: The fact that Chris put us in the movie makes him a genius in my mind. To have the foresight to use the original cast and not a bunch of Hollywood 'it' kids is amazing in and of itself.

  • Wow. I love my weird ways of getting obsessed.

    Funny story...

    This guy in my town sung "Written In The Stars" for a talent show. I loved the song. Then my friend said that it was originally sung by Adam Pascal. And I fell in love!!

    It was funny because at first I really didn't like him that much. I like Anthony Rapp (Mark) better. What was I thinking!?

    But if you like RENT then go to my website!
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    i love him! what else is there to say? he's amazing and everyone loves him (in a non-stalker way)