Adam Pascal





10/25/1970 , The Bronx, NY

Birth Name




Adam Pascal was born on October 25, 1970 in the Bronx. He moved to Syosset, Long Island, when he was 10. His RENT costar, Idina Menzel, grew up within 20 miles of him and the two shared an orthedontist. When Adam was 12, he relized music was his passion and was obessed with Queensryche, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. He formed a rock band, Mute, at the same age and played his first live preformance at his junior high school. Mute stayed together through Adam's high school and college years, but he left the band after college and went off alone.

Because Adam had been with the same band for all of his preforming life, he really did not know what to do next. One of his friends told him about an upcoming off-Broadway play, RENT, and he went to audition. After being calledback 3 times and learning 2 songs from the show, Adam was cast as Roger - a depressed HIV-postive songwriter. He had never acted before, but people loved him and RENT went to Broadway. When he was first cast in Rent, producers had just one problem: he always sang with his eyes closed. They brought it to his attention; he's never done it since. In 1996, Adam received two nominations in the forms of the Tony and Drama Desk Awards for Best Actor in a Musical, and won in that very category in the Obie and Theatre World Awards. Adam appeared along with Daphne Rubin-Vega on the cover on Newsweek in 1996. RENT became a huge sensation and Adam was depressed by the hype. He left RENT to play Eddie in the Sony Pictures Classics release SLC Punk! Adam returned to RENT to open the show in London and reprised his role of Roger in the 2005 movie relase.

After the London release of RENT, Adam was approached by director Bob Falls for Aida, a new Broadway musical. Elton John was a huge musical influence for Adam and he was thrilled to be working with him. Many of the songs in Adia were custom-written for Adam's voice. He played the lead male role, Radames, and began preforming in many Broadway benefits, including My Favorite Broadway: The Love Songs.

While in RENT, Adam had formed the Adam Pascal Band, which did not last long. He released a solo CD entitled Model Prisoner. Adam calls it a deeply personal album, it was written to express his feelings on life and love. He would love to go on tour promoting it, but as of yet has not. He cites his musical influences as The Beatles, Elton John, and Billy Joel.

In 2003, Adam performed in the Actors' Fund benefit concert of Chess, and in December of the same year, joined the cast of Tarzan as the storyteller. The play is set to open later this year. Adam also has appeared in two movies besides RENT - School of Rock and Temptation.

Since then Adam has been splitting his time between his own music, the stage, and his acting carrer. In 2004, his second CD, Cilvian was released by Sh-K-boom records on November 2nd 2004, and he joined the cast for a production of Hair for the Actors' Fund. The RENT movie was filmed May to October 2005, and Adam preformed in various concerts over the summer to promote it. He appears in the RENT DVD special feature "No Day But Today" and can be heard on the commentary along with costar Anthony Rapp and director Chirs Columbus. Most recently, he preformed in a 10th Anniversary RENT benefit in which the entire original Broadway cast came back for one special night.

Adam lives in New York City with his wife, Cybele, married on 18 December 1998; his sons, Lennon Jay, who was born October 2001, and Montgomery Lovell; and his dog, Carly.