Adam Rodriguez

Adam Rodriguez


4/2/1975, Yonkers, New York, USA

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Adam Michael Rodriguez


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Born In Yonkers, NY on April 2, 1975 of Puerto Rican and Cuban Descent Adam Rodriguez dreamt of becoming a professional baseball player but sadly his dream came to a end when in high school a sports injury to his spine sidelined him so he turned to acting.…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Adam was inducted into The Bronx Walk of Fame on June 22, 2008. The Bronx Walk of Fame is apart of Brooklyn NY's Bronx Week celebration in which they recognize Bronx-born or raised individuals that have gained success in their work (I.E.: acting, sports, writing, Etc. Etc.) and serves as an example for their achievements as well as a source of pride for that community.

    • Adam made a guest appearance in Will.I.Am's music video for his new song titled "Yes We Can", it was inspired by the speech that Barack Obama made in New Hampshire. Other stars that made guest appearances in the video are: Nichole Scherzinger, CSI: NY's Hill Harper, Tatyana Ali, John Legend and Scarlett Johansson.

    • Adam admits he was a little apprehensive about starring in CSI: Miami because he was told that it was a show which was quoted as "guaranteed success", that was the same thing he was told about his other show Brooklyn South but that show was canceled after one season.

    • He hopes to visit Cuba one day.

    • Adam is a graduate of Clarkstown High School North in New York City, New York. And he has an education degree from NYU.

    • Adam's most memorable episode from CSI: Miami is "Slow Burn" (2x38) where the dog accidentally shoots his owner as he and his friend were fighting out in the glades. His favorite unforgettable scene is from "No Mans Land" (5x121) where Eric Delko is shot in the leg and when he falls down, Adam says the gun smashed against his thumb when he hit the ground it was bruised for a week.

    • Adam's parents still work, his father, Ramon Rodriguez works at a Collage in Brooklyn, NY while his mother, Janet Rodriguez is an aesthetician.

    • Adam is part owner of a restaurant called "Dolce" in Los Angeles, he co-owns it with former That 70's Show star Ashton Kutcher along with other That 70's Show stars.

    • Adam isn't fluent in Russian so in order for his character Eric Delko to speak it in the episode "Evidence of Things Unseen" (1x16) of CSI: Miami he had to learn how to speak Russian from a Russian speech teacher. 5 years after he's learned to speak Russian he still recites those lines from that episode.

    • Adam had to take Scuba Diving lessons for CSI: Miami before he was casted he never knew how to scuba dive.

    • Adam told a fan in a Q&A Session that his CSI: Miami character Eric Delko is similar to himself at times and at other times is opposite.

    • Adam went to High School with Tennessee Titans linebacker Keith Bulluck

    • The Jennifer Lopez video Adam appears in is called "If you had my love," where he played as the computer guy.

    • Adam has stated that he makes good French toast.

    • Adam is number 26 on Inside TV's "50 Sexiest Men On TV" under the category "WE WOULDN'T MIND GETTING ARRESTED" Along with: Gary Dourdan (CSI), Mark Harmon (NCIS), Anthony LaPaglia (Without a Trace), Jesse L. Martin (Law & Order) and Chris Meloni (Law & Order: SVU).

    • Adam is learning to play the guitar, he is usually seen jamming with other crew members on the set of CSI: Miami between takes.

    • Adam appeared in Lionel Richie's "I Call it Love", opposite Nicole Richie.

    • Adam has made guest appearances in music videos for super-stars Jennifer Lopez and 50 cent. Adam appeared with then CSI: Miami co-star Rory Cochrane in 50 cent's music video "Many Men."

    • As of 2007 Adam lives in Venice, CA.

    • Adam Rodriguez was nominated for Imagen award for best supporting actor for his role on the show CSI: Miami. The Imagen award was created to encurage and reconize the positive portrayal of Latinos in all media.

    • Adam was featured in People Magazine En Espanol's "25 Most Beautiful People."

    • Adam has stated that he is the first male in four generations of his family to not go into the military.

    • Adam was named one of the sexiest men alive in People Magazine's: Sexiest Man Alive issue in 2003.

    • Adam is one of two children in his family the other child is his younger sister Vanessa.

    • Adam is 3/4 Puerto Rican and 1/4 Cuban.

    • Adam appeared in a Coca-Cola commercial.

    • Adam is not fluent in Spanish as it is made to seem with his character on CSI: Miami where he has to speak Spanish often.

    • He had never seen a single episode of CSI before he audtioned for CSI: Miami.

    • Adam's previous jobs he had before becoming an actor were: stock broker, bellman, construction worker, pizza deliveryman and a janitor. He even applied for a job at Taco Bell but was denied.

    • Adam's height is 6'0".

  • Quotes

    • Adam: (talking about Menudo, Ricky Martin's first band) I hated them because every girl I knew was crazy about Menudo, it was ridiculous.

    • Adam: (what kind of power would he have if he had any kind of super power) If I could have any super power I would want to have the power of mind control over masses of people so that I could get them to wake up and pay attention to what's really important in this world and to make the necessary changes to make it every beautiful thing it could and should be.

    • Adam: (advice on becoming an actor) My advice to those of you who are thinking about doing anything in life is simply; go for it with everything you've got and more. Do whatever it is you have a desire to do and do it with passion. I will say that the road to becoming a working actor is very difficult one and if that is the path you decide to pursue you must be absolutely sure that is something you can not live without doing.

    • Adam: (about becoming a director someday) I think I have a little more of a passion for producing, but certainly would like to try my hand at directing.

    • Adam: (talking about the city of Miami) Miami... something about the air and the energy, just makes you want to get out and have a good time.

    • Adam: (on why people watch all three of the CSI Shows) Innately, everybody has a morbid curiosity. And beyond that, it's the same thing that's made Sherlock Homes popular -- people tune in to solve the mystery every week. They want to be a part of it, watch it unfold, and watch these characters they've invested in.

    • Adam: (about the rivalry between Eric and Ryan Wolfe on CSI: Miami) It makes things interesting. At some point I think we either have to decide to totally hate each other or move past it. I guess sometimes that's just the reality that at work there are people you don't necessarily hate, but you don't love them either.

    • Adam: (about how quick Eric Delko the character he plays on CSI: Miami went from a gun shot to the head in one episode and back to work in the next episode) I'll be honest, I thought it was very soon for him to [be back at work after] having sustained that kind of injury. They (Executive Producer Ann Donahue and the writers) did address that issue by saying it had been a couple of weeks, but I thought it was a little bit soon.

    • Adam: (about being apart of the CSI: Miami board game) It's kind of like being the top hat in Monopoly.

    • Adam: (about CSI: Miami's fame) Even if you think it's going to be that popular, until you sort of travel around, especially going outside of the country, and realize how tremendously popular it is, it's a phenomenon.

    • Adam: (about what his grandmother told him) My grandmother always tells me, 'You've got to let go of the little boy. It's not cute anymore.' Maybe it's time to start being a little more disciplined, a little more focused.

    • Adam: (about his attention-span) I'm like short-attention-span theater. I'm great at starting something and then... I don't know, the breaks go on and I'm off to something else.

    • Adam: (about traveling) I love to roam, I think being in new places and having new experiences makes you learn about yourself and grow.

    • Adam: (about being a international star) For the most part, being international star isn't something I overly think about - I get caught up in work.

    • Adam: (on the meaning of movie magic) We like to call it "movie magic". It's another word for Bulls***!

    • Adam: (on giving hugs) If I give you a hug, I mean it. I've been told they're special.

    • Adam: (on humour) I totally get the humour. I think my humor is very similar - very dry and not taking anything to seriously. Or, to use some Australian, to 'Take the p** out of everything.' That's my way so I totally got that.

    • Adam: (about the difference between his job and real life) Some of the terminology and equipment that we use, I've become familiar with. But if you were murdered and wanted the killers found you might not want me on the job in real life.

    • Adam: (about drinking) You know, I like to get smashed and then have a wheatgrass shot in the morning to feel better about the fact that I did all that damage to my body.

    • Adam: (about women) My mother left her outline for the woman I will eventually marry. I've learned a lot about women, although I still don't understand them.

    • Adam: (on romance) My idea of a romantic time is when two people are focused just on each other. That could be at dinner, in bed, in the midst of mayhem, whenever.

    • Adam: (about his feelings of his friend and CSI: Miami co-star Rory Cochrane leaving the show) You become a family. You spend this many hours with a group of people over the course of two years, you appreciate each other. You have a good time, you get used to each other, and beyond that, you build relationships. Unfortunately, the person who is leaving and I built a good friendship and certainly, we will miss that person.

    • Adam: (on what he's looking for in a woman) Someone who is passionate, but has a good enough sense of humor to laugh with me after the passion has been exhausted.

    • Adam: (on his character on CSI: Miami getting more of a back-story in the shows fourth season.) It makes him believable. It gives people something to relate to. We don't always get it right all the time.

    • Adam: (on the surprise location of the sets for CSI: Miami) We shoot 90% of the show in L.A. and go to Miami maybe three or four times a year for over 10 days at a time to shoot a bunch of exterior scenes and keep people believing it's Miami.

    • Adam: (Adam on the graphic stuff he sees on the set of CSI: Miami) I'm fascinated. It's cool how realistic our special effects people make things look.