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  • Mrs. Anita Queen Of The Key Lime Pie World!


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  • Grew up with his movies.

    Decent actor. Can be very funny. Love a lot in his old movies and loved him on SNL. Looks to be a great/happy family man now.
  • Funny guy that uses irony and sarcasm.

    This guy is funny for being really ironic and sarcastic. Adam Sandler is the man when it comes to making some ironic humor! He appeared on: Click, You Don't Mess With Zohan, Anger Management, Bill Cosby, and many more. This guy is really funny, I'm telling you.
  • One of the funniest

    He can get downright dirty, inappropriate, kid-friendly, and just plain comedic. I enjoyed watching him win an award from time to time, because his speeches are just as weird and witty as his acting in movies are.
  • Adam Sandler is my favorite comedian of all time,and is so funny


    If you want the craziest comedian of all time (Besides Jim Carrey),it's Adam Sandler. He has got to be my favorite comedian of all time. His movies are great and are just funny. Some of the examples are Eight Crazy Nights,Grown Ups,Bedtime Stories and many more. However,not all his movies are good. You Don't Mess with the Zohan was a horrible movie,and his new movie Jack and Jill looks like an epic failure too. So yeah,I have to admit that some of his movies are bad. But overall,he is a great comedian,and is just as good as Jim Carrey

  • this dude is funny.

    adam sandler is my all time favorites.i like his movies.this dude is real funny and his movies are great.he should be a host of the kids choice awards.he's a great actor and deserves to win a kids choice award for 2009.he's good in eight crazy nights and bedtime stories.i think he's better than jack black or ben stiller.i'm a fan of this guy and he's very talented.i think he's funny too.he's good in his movies.i dont understand him in you dont mess with the zohan.i love his movies and he is a funny dude next to all the funny dudes.
  • Kind of overrated.

    I've seen some of Adam Sandler's movies. I am glad that I haven't seen all of them. First, he tries to be funny when all he ends up doing is looking like a guy that tries too hard and over does it by a mile. Another thing, some of his directory work is quite laughable, but not in a good way. I wish he would do better movies and take them more seriously because I don't like having to see his comedy movies because they are so similar. Overall, he is not funny enough to be considered one of the better actors. Thank you.
  • lol

    nice guy nice acting beast!

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  • Same roll in the same movies

    Adam Sandler has a tendency to always play identical roles in movies that are pretty much identical with perhaps a few exceptions. His talent 'skills' are non existent and all consist of him trying to make a face and look stupid while usually talking funny - or at least trying to. Maybe he has been unlucky and only been getting roles in bad movies and having bad directors but that is very unlikely and he is probably just bad at what he is doing. That anyone acually enjoys watching him is a mysterium to me. He should probably quit acting immediatly and try something else.
  • Overrated,overused and annoying !!

    Overrated,overused and annoying and while that's what he is. I can't help but love him. Me loving him dosen't really change the fact that he's nothing but a comedian and while I think that's a bad thing, many disagree. Adam Sandler was born on September 1966. He first started out on The Cosby show back in 1984 and is now considered an A-list celebrity right there will the all time greats of comedy like Ashton Kutcher but unlike Ashton Kutcher, Adam does not know how to be romantic,he does not know horror or drama. He's just a clown. Adam's secret to such a suxcess ? He says a few smart lines and makes people laugh and then he takes his shirt off and he's a star before you know it. He's forty already, don't you think he should start expanding his horizons ?
  • Amasing

    Adam sandler is one of my favorite actors, I loved his performance in Click, Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore and many more movies. He is brilliant. Adam Sandler is a classic actor of everybody's favorite movies. His comidy shows were amasing. I hope one day there will be a way to clone him and keep him young forever so that everyone may enjoy him, his movies, and everything about him. Adam Sandler was in every single one of my favorite movies and he deserves every ounce of good fortune and praise he gets. I feel he is one of the greatist actors who ever lived and should be comemorated.
  • Adam Sandler is a great actor and very funny

    Adam Sandler is very funny and he only plays rolls in quality movies. Lots of people say his movies are terrible and his acting is worse, but i like both. This is a list of my top 7 Adam Sandler Movies:
    1:Happy Gilmore
    2:Billy Madison
    4:I now pronounce you Chuck and Lary
    6:8 Crazy nights
    7:Anger Management

    Im not sure how many of them are made by his company 'Happy Madison' but i would think most of them are. The reason i like Happy Gilmore so much is because its extremely funny and about golf. I hope to see him in many more movies to come
  • Very versatile if you think about it that way!

    Even though he is known for his comedic portrayals and for Saturday Night Live and his characters. I think that Adam Sandler is a great dramatic actor if only people would look at that. As he seems to have done a good job in that movie about a man who loses his family to 9/11. And that hopefully he will go into what Tom Hanks has done. Went fom being a comedic star into being a more established and dramatic actor. As he is really good I think! But people just don't give him credit over it. Hopefully, minds will change as he is very versitle!
  • A much more versatile actor than one would think...

    Adam Sandler is, to be sure, funny. I've seen his comedic forays and I own his comedy albums. Billy Madison still makes me laugh and Cantine boy(SNL)is just, well, funny. Fatty McGee and Tollbooth Willie will always be some favorites. Though at times I haven't always been a fan of his schoolboy humor, the list of favorites is endless. However, the two movies of his that have honestly just blown me away are Spanglish and Reign over Me. Sandler takes a turn in these two dramatic roles and the effect, on me, is just that...dramatic. In both, I could feel his despair and confusion. He delivered his lines so effortlessly, so real, that one would be hard pressed to believe that he was just acting. In Spanglish, my heartbroke as he tripped over his words when he found out about his wife's indiscretion. In Reign over Me, I was crying right along with Sandler as he relayed the story of loss he suffered from the 9/11 tragedy. I could go on and on but, in short, he's just so much more versatile that I ever would have given him credit for. Spanglish is still one of my favorite movies and Reign over Me goes on the shelf with the rest of emotionally taxing movies that I only see once but stay with me forever...and his performance is why.
  • One of my favorite actors

    Adam Sandler is one of my favorite actors ever. He is just so funny! I enjoy most movies he is in. My favorites are Click, Big Daddy, and Waterboy. I didn't really like 50 First Dates though, it was kinda boring. But he was the only reason I watched it. I try to watch any movie he is in. even if he only has a really small part in it. I haven't seen all of them obviously since he's still making more, but I will someday. Adam is just a really talented guy. He really is one of the all time greats.
  • The best actor ever!!!!!!!!!!

    In my opinion Adam Sandler is the all time BEST actor ever. He is really talented and a real comedian. His best movies are Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, The Waterboy, and The Longest Yard. He is famous for all his movies and songs including the famous Hanukkah Song. He has played in numerous movies with Drew Barrymore, Kevin Nealon, Henry Wrinkler, and Rob Shneider(SP). His newest movies are Click, I Now Pronouce You Chuck And Larry, and Reign Over Me. He's working on a movie called You Don't Mess With Zohan and another movie called Bedtime Stories. He is the BEST actor ever.
  • Outstanding guy.Very Talented in his acting^^

    There is only one word to describe Adam Sandler, and that is "Funny".Since the small parts he did in his past until the biggest thang ever, his movies are realy great and very funny.Like Waterboy,Big Daddy, The Longest Yard,Happy Gilmore,Click and others...This man is what funny is all about.Everythin he does is hilarious.He might be atlease in his 40's but he still packs a punch.It seems that he still has at times the kid in him and thats awesome, cause the guy is good at it.I would have to say i liked him in Big Daddy and The Waterboy cause he was such a kid while tryin to be a man and it was funny to see that in him.I give Adam Sandler a 10/10, hes great!
  • one of the all-time greats

    Adam Sandler is one of my favorite actors of all-time. i love all the movies that he is in or stars the "waterboy"... the... "longest yard" and a whole lot of others,my favorite is "the longest yard", he waswith some of my other favorite actors like nelly,the great khali(the wrestler) and alot of others that i dont have time to name,he really fits the parts that he plays. hes just really funny.i really liked click, too. he was really funny in that also.i will like to see him in alot more videos and TV shows my review for Adam Sandler it 10!
  • empty

    Adam Sandler is hilarious, especially in the early days! Even though his films never do that well with critics, films such as The Waterboy and Happy Gilmore are my favourite movies of all time.

    Adam is a hilarious comedian who deserves every bit of respect he gets!

    adam sandler is one of the best actors of all time. he's the kind of person that makes you want to go see a movie just because you know hes in it.. and thats exactly what i do. i love all of his movies! they are always the funniest things ever. Big Daddy is the all time best. "this guy knows what im talkin about" and "i have a belly button" then again theres Billy Madison which was Amazzing and i think of all the time in science "NO I will not make out WITH you! chlorophile? more like borophile" haha.. happy gilmore is officially the only movie about GOLF that i just LOVE and laugh at everytime. i cant wait to see more from the adam sandler line.
  • empty

    he's hilarious in every way! long live adam sandler!!!
  • He is great because he has his own brand of comedy, that is very different and usually much better than most of the other comedians.

    I think I have seen most of his stuff, and with the exception of overboard (his first movie) and the bits I saw of punch drunk love, every other movie and show I have watched him in has been great. I said it before he has that different humor, which is hard to describe really, because it will be like a 3rd grade humor type of joke one minute, and then a totally opposite type of joke the next. His albums are also great, I really liked the first two albums the best I would have to say, "there all gonna laugh at me" and also "what the hell happened to me". Sandler was obviously good on SNL too, in fact after his group left it hasn't even come close to being as funny. He is so outgoing on the shows, but seems so shy when he is in interviews, he seems like an interesting guy that's for sure, and he defintiely knows how to be funny.
  • Brokeness and Raw Emotion Performed with Guts, Realistically! An A++ Theatrical Evolvement! Adam Sandler has mastered the art of acting, and set a standard few will ever reach!

    REIGN OVER ME: Today, my soul was stirred, my heart Re-broken. My fears and pain re-surfaced from the real demons this movie presents; how one grieves compared to how others expect us to and the demons encompassing. Sandler portrayed perfectly the horrendous agony one faces, must overcome and work through on their own time! This movie dredged up all the pain that I have dealt with. It Raw, Real, a Genius Played role!

    When something harms your soul so profoundly, so deep that utterances are all that come from your very soul, you can not deal with it without walking through life, in a dead state. To have time with Adam to unleash my brokenness and applaud this perfection! Applause, Adam! Encore!
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    One of my favorites.
    What I like about him is his ability to play different roles and do them greatly. Every movie he is in is different and shows a different version of himself.
    He is a great actor and I hope he continues to stay that way be taking no weak roles that could ruin a great career he has. He is also an actor that I am sure to see all his new movies. And I am sure to own those movies of his to enjoy all the time.
  • One of the best actors!

    I think the #1 reason i like Adam Sandler is because he's so real and down-to-earth. He's so normal,i can relate to him,and outrageously funny. Once i saw Big Daddy and Click he was on my favorite actors list. And i can't wait to see more of his movies! I heard that he's going to be in 2 movies this year,one is called Reign Over Me and the other is called I Pronouce You Chuck and Larry. Reign Over Me is a drama about a man who lost his family in 9/11 and runs into his old college roommate,rekindling the friendship is the only thing that seems to help the man with his grief. I Pronouce You Chuck and Larry is a comedy about two straight,single Philadelphia fire fighters that pretend to be a gay couple in order to receive domestic partner benefits.
  • empty

    I think that Adam Sandler is a really good comedian, though most of his work is always criticize harshly, he really tries hard to be the best, he really tries to be a a good comedian, and he has my admiration. I really think that Adam Sandler is really cool, he is awesome!
  • Adam Sandler is one of the best known actors ever!

    WOW!!I love watching Adam Richard Sadler in his great movies. He is so hilarious. He is a great actor. He started his acting career at the age of 17 at a stand up comedy bar. My favourite of his movies are: Click, The Longest Yard,Anger Managment, Mr. Deeds, and Big Daddy. His nickname is "Sandman". He is currently married to Jackie Sandler and they have one child named Sadie Madison Sandler. My favourite movie of his is Big Daddy because it is really amusing! In conclssion, Adam Richard Sandler is my favourite true American Comedian! I hope he still make more and better movies!

  • empty

    Adam Sandler is one of the best comedic actors of our time. It seems like most everything he touches turns to gold. Yes, there are some flops, but his comedic timing is impeccable.
  • empty

    Adam Sandler used to be my favourite actor but then I went over his credits and I realised that I don't lots of his movies. He was brilliant in 50 First Dates which is another one of my all time favourites and he was great in Click but I didn't like lots of his earlier stuff like Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison and Dickie Roberts. He has done a ton of movies though.
  • I love Adam!

    I don't care what anyone says about his early acting days when Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, SNL and Remote Control were his only real claims to fame but look at him now. He's shown himself as a diverse actor who can do a variety of work. I loved him in Click and Punch Drunk Love. I cried while watching Click, his acting was that believable and I really felt a connection with his charactor. I've loved Adam since the very beginning and continue to pick up every film he releases including all Happy Madison productions which prove to be just as delightful. He's a great actor, musician, comedian and just a funny guy. I would love to meet him!
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