Adam Saunders

Adam Saunders


11/6/1986, Australia

Birth Name

Adam Saunders



Also Known As

Adam, Heath.
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At only 18 years of age, Adam has already had a life jam-packed full of entertaining. Adam's formal training includes Brent Street School of Performing Arts where he studied jazz, tap, ballet, singing and drama; and vocal training under the guidance of Robbie Krupski. He studied drama with…more


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  • Adam is heaps kool and funny....Seriously, congrats to him for getting this far, I hope he makes it big, because he deserves it. He has been throug heaps to get on blue water high and all... congratulations man!!! Other than that keep up the good work..moreless

    Adam Saunders hosts the Australian Tv show, Creature Features on ABC Kids. He also was a star on Blue Water High. In my perspective he was a really good actor and he was a awesome surf rider. I wish I could surf. Then on the next season of Blue Water High, he had a recurring role and was promoted to be the/a boss of a new team of surfers. He is a heaps good actor, and should have credit. He is also funny on creature features. He was educated at Baulkham Hills High School. Well thats all I got to-say-good-bye.moreless
  • hehehe well what can i say about the gorgeous and sxc adam saunders!!! he is very talented he is gorgeous and i loooove him!!! but the bad thing is there is hardly anything on him so plz some1 help me to get more info on the sxc adam saunders thanxmoreless

    he is in blue water high as Heath Caroll (and he is very talented at acting) and at the moment he also stars in Home and away as the evil Corey! I know that he lives in Sydney and that he is 18 but i would also like to know about his family or something...Im not a stalker im just intrested!!! thats all....Any way i hope you can help me and if you find anything plz msg me on zara_saundersmoreless