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    • Film, Video, and TV Movie Credits:
      Passenger Side (2009) as Michael
      The Vicious Kind (2009) as Caleb Sinclaire
      Lovely, Still (2008) as Mike
      Corporate Affairs (2008) as Jack Hightower
      August (2008) as Joshua Sterling
      The Great Buck Howard (2008) as Alan Berkman
      Who Loves the Sun (2006) as Daniel Bloom
      Off the Lip (2004) as David
      Bleach (2002) as Fulton
      Seven and a Match (2001) as Peter
      Date Squad (2001) as Fred
      Winding Roads (1999) (TV) as Brian Calhoun
      Sagamore (1999) (TV) as Alex
      Hairshirt (1998) as Fan at Bar
      Payback (1997) (TV) as Adam Stanfill
      Dinner and Driving (1997) as Larry
      Cityscrapes: Los Angeles (1994) as Joe