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    • Adam: (On his first kiss) My first kiss? Oh jesus. Damn. What was it? [laughs] Goddamn. I think it was in the eighth grade, which for a lot of kids at my school, that actually made me a late bloomer. I went through a real chubby phase, so I was not getting girls for a long time. So, the first girl I did get, we made out. It was at a locker. And I think, if I remember, she's now a lesbian. So, there you go. That's how great I am. She's a lesbian and now we're Facebook friends. We are. Really. She's terrific. She was totally hot. But I think she kind of just ceremoniously dumped me one day. We were girlfriend and boyfriend and then one day she was like…"You're a…lame-ass." And got rid of me. But I am glad to have been a part of her life.