Adam Storke

Adam Storke


8/18/1962, New York

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Adam Storke


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Adam's mother is actress Angela Thornton. His father is Film & TV Producer William Storke. Adam has an older sister and a younger brother. His God Father is actor Robert Wagner.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Adam's mother is British actress Angela Thornton. She appeared on The Secret Storm in the mid 1960s and played Roy Scheider's girlfriend on The Doctors shortly after that.

    • Adam, when talking about the cast on Search for Tommorow, said that while working on the set he would hang out with Jane Krakowski, cause she was fun to be around and always had a smile on her face.

    • When Adam was young, because his astrology sign is Leo, he thought he was a lion. He grew his hair long and had his room covered with pictures of lions and tigers.

    • Adam went to Union College in Schenectady, N.Y.

    • Adam's father, Bill Storke, produced Richard Chamberlain's Man in the Iron Mask and George C. Scott's A Christmas Carol.

    • Adam's parents are divorced. His father is remarried and his mother remarried and divorced again. Adam always jokes that he was brought up by the three strongest women he knows: his mother, his stepmother and his sister.

    • Adam has one sister, born in 1961 and one brother born in 1974.

    • Adam's girlfriend, Natasha Gregson Wagner, revealed in an interview that she didn't think she stood a chance to gain Adam's attention as he was always surrounded by beautiful women.

    • Adam dated Natasha Gregson Wagner, daughter of Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner.

    • Adam starred with Chad Lowe in Highway To Hell (1992) and with his brother, Rob Lowe, in The Stand (1994).

  • Quotes

    • Adam: (when asked if he thinks there'll ever be a Prey reunion movie) I think there's a certain mystery and alluring quality to it, just the way it is. That's why they want more, because there's a certain ambiguity to it, and that's interesting.

    • Adam: (on cooking) Actually what I enjoy about cooking is the experimentation. I enjoy opening up a cookbook with someone and picking whatever there is inside and having a go at it.

    • Adam: (on what he does when he's not acting) I take my craft very seriously, so I spend a lot of tme studying and working in a theater lab. I'm an avid reader and I like to paint, play the guitar and watch the Sci-Fi Channel.

    • Adam: (on the end of The Stand) It was very intense. We would stay up there on that cross pretty much all night and try not to come down. Kind of just enjoy the horror of it. You got a lot of people screaming for your blood and you've got Jamey who plays Flagg and Miguel (Ferrer) who plays his side kick Lloyd and everyone's fighting for their space literally. It's very dramatic - it should be spectacular. And very sad. People are dying so other people can live - this is what Martyrs are made of. Reluctant ones at that.

    • Adam: (on what he does in his spare time) At this point, I'm up at six in the morning and I go to bed as early as possible. Mostly, I'm either studying my lines or working. If I get a day off, I'm running errands. Today, when I finish this interview, I've got to go to the bank, then the doctor and pay some bills.

    • Adam: (on dating) Of course, I like all women, but I'm scared about getting too close to home. If you start dating people where you work, well, I just don't think it's a good idea. I have a few girls I see. In college, I ran rampant - dating all the time - I was like a young man lost in a candy store.

    • Adam: (on coming from an acting family) I was always very sports-oriented. But in the tenth grade my English teacher said, "We need people to play waiters in Can-Can," so I went down and auditioned. She gave me a part - I had five lines. I was scared to death, but once I was onstage, you couldn't get me off. Something just clicked. It was like, 'Hey, this is pretty terrific!.'

    • Adam: (On Julia Roberts in Mystic Pizza) She was very charismatic, very directed. And she had an ability to seduce a camera, like no one I've ever seen.

    • Adam: (on The Stand) These characters were so clear and the book did so much of the homework for a lot of us that you wanted to be as passionate as the book was. I think people really cared about that and brought that to the piece. There were many days when you'd be thinking 'well in the book it said' and you had to realise well it's not the book. But because there's so much allegory and spirituality in the book you wanted to bring that to the mini series. Many times there was just not enough time or room for that so you had to do it very subtly and find your own spots where you wanted it to come out. Also because the piece is so long you had to be clear about tracking your own journey and not getting way laid by the other stories that were going on.

    • Adam: (on the TV series Prey) I wouldn't really call this a horror show, when I was a kid I went to horror movies but I wasn't that big a fan of the horror genre it was more about shock value. With this, hopefully inspires someone to think about what could happen (you know) and that's fascinating to me as opposed to three beats and then we scare you.

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