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  • Probably my favorite actor.

    Adam West infuses genius in whatever he touches. Of course his most famous work was the old Batman series. Marsha Queen of Diamonds said it best: "Oh, Batman, darling! You are so divinely square!"
    But he's done so much more since Batman. A few of my favorites:
    Batman: The Animated Series episode in which Adam voices The Grey Ghost, a washed up TV action hero.
    Obviously, voicing the mayor on Family Guy...what's not to love about a mayor who brings his own creamed corn to the movie theater because the corn they sell there is too crunchy?
    It's fitting for him to voice the mayor on the new "The Batman," even if the show itself doesn't measure up to other Batman series, whether the 1966 version or the Animated Series.
    Finally, his performance in "Return to the Batcave" of 2003 was sparkling. Any Adam West (Batman) fans who haven't seen this should get hold of a copy immediately. You haven't one moment to LOSE!