Adam Wylie





5/23/1984 , San Dimas, California, USA

Birth Name

Adam Agustus Wylie




Wylie was born on May 5, 1984 in San Dimas, California. He is one of five siblings, including 3 brothers, Eric, Ben, and Arron, as well his sister Tai. As early as four days old, he was accompanying his family to the theater. Wylie first started out in the 1990 movie Child's Play 2 that led to his appearance in the movie Kindergarden Cop. At the age of four, his career officially began as Zack Brock in the Picket Fences series from 1992 to 1996. Wylie won the 1992-1993Young Artist Award in the category Best Youth Actor Recurring or Regular in a TV Series for his work on the show. He also won the Best Youth Actor Guest Starring in a Television Show for Adventures of Brisco County Jr., and Best Youth Actor in a Voice-over Role - TV or Movie for Dennis The Menace, as the title character. In 1996, he provided the voice of the character David in the movie All Dogs Go To Heaven. Currently he provides the voice of Brainiac 5 in the animated television show Legion of Super-Heroes seen on the CW network.