Adam Zwar

Adam Zwar


1/13/1972, Cairns, Queensland, Australia

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Adam Zwar


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Adam Zwar was born in Cairns, Queensland. He attended the University of Southern Queensland where he studied Journalism, which was a natural progression as both his parents are writers. He then moved to Melbourne to continue his career as both a journalist and working on his various television…more


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    • Adam Zwar: (Speaking about the television series Wilfred) So, essentially the first episode is shot over five years, I've lost a bit of hair in that time so there were various synthetic materials applied.

    • Adam Zwar: It's an Australian thing to put your mates down, it took me a while to get my head around it because I was an only child. When you're a kid, everyone's nice to you and then you go to school and the other kids tease you, but it's just their way of being affectionate.

    • Adam Zwar: (Speaking about the short film Wilfred) It was based on a true story, I once went home with a girl and her dog kept looking at me suspiciously. What are you gonna do with my missus… I took the story to Tony Rogers who directed it. And now it's been selected for Sundance.

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