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  • He's bringin' sexy back yeah them mother ******'s don't know how to act.

    I wish he was straight i actually have met him and he doesn't seem that gay i just really wish he wasn't if he wasn't i'd be all over him even though he's about three inches shorter than me but still it doesn't take away the hottness and he needs to be in more movies the inly thing i've seen him in are commercials and Degrassi:The Next Generation he should play a more sexy role because he sure deserves it and i don't have anymore to say so i'm just going to type until i reach a Hundered words there we go.
  • Adamo is amazing!

    He is most def my favorite actor. These looks he gives when his character is hurt really do touch you. He makes you care for him and his character. He stands out too. He always makes funny faces which draws you right to him, plus when he's doing a scene he uses his hands to make it seem more real, like when people talk with their hands. He always surprises me with his ability to pull any emotion off and make it work for him. I'm sure after Degrassi's over he's gonna have a long and wonderful acting carrer. I hope he moves to the US so we can see him in all of his roles. what can I say, I LOVE ADAMO!
  • In this Reveiw about Adamo Ruggiero who is my faaaaaaaaavorit Actor of all time you will be sure to read about how hot i thunk he is and i'm sure you'll agree cause hey he's freaking hot to the 3rd power squared!

    Adamo what can i say about him?He's very Talanted and great at doing role that we have trouble doing.I mean he can act Gay and still be straight all at the same tme.He's also very hot and i would love to act along side him on degrassi the next generation.growing up in canada but not being his nationalaty He still manages the "canadian way"by going to hockey games which his caharcter marco knows nothing about and goes just to see dylan played by john Bregar Playing the sport.Adamo says that he really enjoys playing Marco del rossi a true role to take on.
  • Adamo is the future!

    What a talent! Viewing him over the years on Degrassi, Adamo has just put the biggest smile on my face with his work. I love that he took a role like Marco and made it so real, fun, and down to earth. I just love the fact that he was so open-minded into doing the role and making him one of the greatest characters of Degrassi ever! Adamo really has the Hollywood potential, and I wouldn't be surprised if we see him there soon. Of course, with the acting ablitity, attitude, good looks and confidence he has, I wouldn't mind seeing my fellow Gemini ( same birthday, he's a year younger than me, lol) make it to the top!
  • Adamo: Both a great person and actor.

    Adamo Ruggiero is a great actor and really makes you relate to him and his issues as Marco, even if you don't have that exact problem. When you watch him he seems so real and ginuwine, which isn't easy to find in alot of actors. I wish Degrassi was set in the US because it is such a great show with a great cast, and I would love to see more of it. Adamo is a person who seems happy and loves what he does, so you can only respect and admire a person like that.
  • Really cool guy! I think that Degrassi should use alot of him! He kind of rounds up the life at high school. Marco deals with the hardest issue there is - homosexuality. It would be great to see more of him.

    I really like Marco as a character. Not only a total spunk but also really talented! I think that hes under-used. We need to see more of him! I would also love to see his character mature and get a long-term boyfriend. That would round up the show nicely I think.
  • Adamo is awesome!

    Well, what can I say about Adamo... he's a really good actor! I mean, how many people do you know that could play the role of Marco as good as him, or that would even want to, with him being gay and all? Adamo definetely deserves an award for his role on Degrassi: The Next Generation and should defenetely be in more stuff.
  • Adamo is an amazing actor. Adamo as Marco makes you believe that he is actually gay. I think that he is slightly under-appreciated compared to some of the other people on degrassi and hope that he will soon be recognized as much as some of the others on

    Marco aka Adamo is HOT and an amzing actor! Adamo as Marco makes you believe that he is actually gay. I think that he is slightly under-appreciated compared to some of the other people on degrassi and hope that he will soon be recognized as much as some of the others on the show. Another reason why I LOVE Adamo so much is because, we share a birthday. Just a couple years apart though. :( He has also done well in smaller productions and I look forward to seeing what he is going to be doing in the future.

  • This guy is amazing! I can't get enough of him.

    Adamo is one of the greats. I've never seen an actor with the talent that he has. I love the fact that he plays the role of a gay male teen on Degrassi TNG. There are few men out there brave enough to portray this role, and not one that could do it as well as Adamo. He is special for getting the message out there that homosexual people are like everybody else, and can be truly wonderful people. Many prejudice people out there have the close minded view that every gay man is interested in every man out there. Marco's character really gets the point out that gay people are just like straight people, they have their interests but are not after every single individual they see. Finding out Adamo is a straight man was very intriguing to me. It takes a real man to stand up for minority groups and to be comfortable with it. Him kissing Dylan in the shows takes guts, that many cowardly guys when have nothing to do with in fear of being characterized as the gay guy on tv. He has such talent too, every word he says in that show is done with such realistic emotion, I forget it's not real. This guy is keeps it real, seeing him on the episode about his real life made me even more interested in him as a person. He is overall such a great guy, I'm sure most of you ladies out there would call him a great catch. It's not everyday that you find a talented, thoughtful, fun, full of life, sweet guy, and gorgeous to top it all off. Cant wait to see his career take off, I'll be out there watching everything he's in. Keep at it Adamo. I'll always be a fan.
  • is he really gay

    Hes really cute and he plays his part well, but can someone tell me , is he really gay? i mean its ok if he is but i was just wondering b/c he doesnt always seem like it and someone told me he wasnt and i dont live in canada so i barely get the information all the way at the bottem of the U.S. so i was just wondering if anyone could tell me just leave a comment thanks!
  • he's such a cutie

    Adamo is suchh a cutie! Ive been a fan of his since season 2 [not to mention he's really hot] and he's acted to his fullest & it really stands out on screen. His character is a difficult one to play, not many people would be as open as he is, and for that he deserves credit. He should definitley get more screen time - he certainly deserves it =)
  • he is soooooooo awesome and sooooooooo hott

    oh em gee adamo is so hott umm also leave me a message like hot to pronounce his last name (i.e. mcdonald- mick don old) he is one of hottest stars on degrassi the next generation and he is too cute and is an awesome actor and i wanna meet him soo badly
  • Adamo . what should I say about Adamo....

    He is talented. He is so hot.He is Italian. He plays Marco so well. I think he should have been a bigger star.He plays Marco well because that is his first gay role.He is really original.He is young and single. He can play the guitar really good and should start up his own band.
  • Adamo has such a cool character, who needs to get more involved in the show. Sure, he goes through alot, Marco needs more. It would be sweet to chill and hang out with Adamo. I think he'd be a reall cool guy, from what I've seen on his Unscripted episode.

    Adamo Ruggiero is so cool. Me and Him have alot in common. Its actually surprising. Starting from the basics.

    I grew in missassauga, brampton area for 12 years of my life. I love acting, so I asked my dad to get me \"hook up\" and when I was 12 I got an audition for...Degrassi. I didn\'t get the part of course. Not even an extra role, because they wanted more \"enthicity\" within the students.

    Then I moved to Florida and am still acting, getting a manager and stuff. I still want to be on Degrassi.

    It just so happens that I am an avid bass player too. Adamo has such a cool character, who needs to get more involved in the show. Sure, he goes through alot, but Marco needs more. It would be sweet to chill and hang out with Adamo. I think he\'d be a reall cool guy, from what I\'ve seen on his Unscripted episode.

    I swear, i think i\'ve been to the mini golf place he\'s been to. Honestly. Canada is such a small world. The fact that 70 % of the population lives within 150 miles of the boarder.

    Degrassi rocks.
  • I really love adamo, and think he is a great and brave actor.

    Adamo, even as a little child wanted to be an actor as he sat and watched televison really getting into it. He is a brave,handsome,funny actor and brings his Degrassi Co-stars lot\'s of laughs. He is single, but when i get a hold of him, he wont be for long..

    ----from, chenell...