Adanya Dunn

Adanya Dunn

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Adanya attends an art school in Toronto, Canada, where she does music theatre. She continuously does commercials and sings on the side.


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  • Well accomplished.

    At such an age, it is difficult to be so accomplished in the world of new and compelling controversial plays and musicals especially with adult actors and producers. It is great to see that she can take the stage and perform content and subject matter beyond her years. We hope to see more of her as the years progress.
  • This is someone who will not be easily forgotten

    Adanya is a good one. Not only is she an incredibly talented singer she is also an amazing actress. Upon seeing some smaller productions it is evident that this young girl is FULL of potential and will soon be a name that everyone knows. Her believable roles really help to set the tone of her plays and encourage the audience to look deeper into the characters life and understand why they act a certain way. Her singing is something else completely and in a possitive way! Her voice is one that fills a room and makes your heart skip a beat because it is so awe inspiring! I can only wish that she continues to preform because i would truely be heart broken to find out that she was no longer in the preforming profession.moreless