Adetomiwa Edun

Adetomiwa Edun


Lagos, Nigeria

Birth Name

Adetomiwa Edun



Also Known As

Tomiwa Edun
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Lagos born British actor Adetomiwa Edun started his acting career performing the classics on stage, in time becoming only the second black actor to play Romeo at the Globe. He has appeared as well in several popular television shows like Law & Order and Merlin.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • 2013 Public Appearances:
      -March 18th, 2013: Game Of Thrones season 3 premiere party, TCL Chinese Theater, LA.

    • Adetomiwa Edun provided with an audio commentary for episode 4x10 A Herald of the New Age for the Merlin series 4 DVD box set.

    • Filmography:
      2010-2012: Merlin as Sir Elyan.
      2011-2012: The Hour as Sey.
      2010: Law & Order: UK as Lloyd Benson.
      2009: The Fixer as Young Guy.

    • Stage:
      -2013: Lionboy (Dir. Annabel Arden), Complicite Theatre Company in UK tour.
      -2012: But i cd only whisper (Dir. Nadia Latif), Tabula Rasa Theatre, London.
      -2012: February 9th-10th: Money In The Vault, The Vault Festival, Vault at The Old Vic Tunnels, London.
      -2012: Romeo and Juliet as Romeo (Dir. Dominic Dromgoole), the Globe theatre, London.
      -2009: Romeo and Juliet as Romeo , the Globe theatre, London.
      -Blood Ties (Antigone) as Eteocles (Dir. Jennie Buckman) RADA.
      -Relative Values as Peter (Dir. Dee Cannon)
      -The Misanthrope as Philinte (Dir. Helen Strange)
      -The Dutchman as Clay (Dir. Lloyd Trott) RADA.
      -The Changeling as De Flores (Dir. Gerrard McArthur) RADA.
      -Topdog/Underdog as 3Card (Dir. Lloyd Trott) RADA.
      -Gulliver's Travels as Prince Kledderdick /Baboon /Colonel (Dir. Matt Wilde) RADA.
      -A Taste of Honey as Boy (Dir. Dee Cannon) RADA.
      -Othello as Othello (Dir. Oleg Mirochnikov) RADA.
      -Three Sisters as Tuzenbach (Dir. Nicholas Barter) RADA.
      -A Servant to Two Masters as Florindo Aretusi (Dir. Nicholas Barter) RADA.
      -School For Scandal as Crabtree / trip (Dir Jonathan Tafler) RADA.
      -Last Words as Simon (Dir. Jonathan Tafler) RADA.
      -The Madras House as Major Hippisley Thomas (Dir. Dawn Walton) RADA.
      -Lakeboat as Skippy (Dir. Lindsay Posner) RADA.
      -Penthesilea as Antilochus (Dir. Edward Kemp) RADA.
      -Sophocles' Oedipus Tyrannos as Jocasta (Arts Theatre).
      -Continental Tour of Romeo and Juliet as Benvolio (European Theatre Group);
      -The Gondoliers (Arts Theatre);
      -Habeas Corpus as Mr. Shanks (Cambridge).
      -Murder in the Cathedral as 2nd Knight (National Youth Theatre of Great Britain).
      -As You Like It as Touchstone (Cambridge).
      -Endgame as Clov (Cambridge).
      -Chekhov's The Evils of Tobacco (Edinburgh Fringe 2000).
      -Kassandra as Clifford (Dir. Ivo Stourton) Cambridge.

    • Education:
      -Eton College, London.
      -BA (Hons) in cs (University of Cambridge).
      -RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art).

    • Personal:
      Adetomiwa is 5' 10", has black hair and dark brown eyes. He is right-handed.
      -Hair: Black
      -Eyes: Dark Brown.
      -Birthplace: Lagos, Nigeria.
      -Parents: Nigerian father working in the finances and half-English, half-Ghanaian mother.
      -Nationality: British.
      -Natural Accent: RP.
      -Languages: Nigerian, English, ancient Greek.
      -Special Interests: cal literature, West African proverbs and folklore, food and cooking, competitive sport, travel.
      -Skills: Stage Combat (Distinction: BASSC), horse riding, polo, conversational French and Yoruba, dance (Flamenco and Period), Baritone singing voice, Accents (incl. general and Southern American, West African).

    • 2012 Public Appearances:
      -Dec 8th-9th, 2012: MagicLand Convention, Paris.
      -June 2nd, 2012: Celebrity Soccer Six 2012, Burnley Football Club, Burnley.
      -May 20th, 2012: Soccer Six tournament, West Ham United FC, Upton Park, Newham, London.
      -March 31st, 2012: Birmingham MCM Expo Merlin panel with co-star Tom Hopper, The Nec, Birmingham, UK.
      -March 29th, 2012: 150th Anniversary service at Westminster Abbey, London, UK.
      -March 17th, 2012: Rugby world championship 6 Nations Grand Slam final at Cardiff Stadium, Wales.
      -February 18th, 2012: MCM Midlands Comic Con Merlin panel with co-star Tom Hopper, International Centre, St Quentin Gate, Telford, Shropshire, England.
      -January 25th, 2012: National Television Awards, O2 Arena, London.

    • 2011 Public Appearances:
      -December 11th, 2011: Especial advanced screening of Merlin 4x12 episode with co-star Tom Hopper, Caerphilly Castle, Caerphilly, Wales, UK.
      -December 2nd, 2011: Live at the Apollo (as Audience).
      -October 1st, 2011: BBC Breakfast with Merlin co-stars Colin Morgan, Eoin Macken, Katie McGrath, Rupert Young and Tom Hopper.

  • Quotes

    • Adetomiwa: (About his father's reaction when he decided to be an actor) He didn't understand. But I went to RADA and it was great when he came to see one of my first plays. I could hear raucous chuckles, and I thought: he gets it now.

    • Adetomiwa: I think my dad just felt I ought to have gone down a safer or more secure route. When I said that I wanted to be an actor, and maybe go to drama school, I think he was a bit frightened. But eventually I convinced him about my passion and he became really supportive.

    • Adetomiwa: One of my earliest memories is of reading a book in my house that was about gods, heroes, greatness, conquest and monsters and being riveted by it. I remember going back and seeing that this was The Odyssey. If I tell a story half as good as that I'd be happy.

    • Adetomiwa: I did an internship at Citigroup. At the end of it, one of the guys said: Your heart doesn't seem in this. And I felt like I'd failed to act well... I'd been busted.

    • Adetomiwa: Ultimately people connect with acting if it's honest.

    • Adetomiwa: Theatre is drama at its most essential: you can see me and I can see you and it depends on a mutual contract. The thing I'm trying to explore [in TV] is how you achieve that when the audience isn't there.

    • Adetomiwa: (About performing at the Globe theatre) I'll be nervous for half an hour before every show. It still feels a bit unreal, I come out and you see this sea of people, more than I've ever performed in front of. The size of the place is so daunting, so tangible and immense. Sure, I realize there's a lot to play for, but somehow I'm convinced I can handle it.

    • Adetomiwa: Classics shaped me. It's the study of peoples, of civilizations, and you get a very strong sense of the role that drama plays in shaping their identity. Classics students are essentially cultural archaeologists, and that's a good thing for actors to be, too.

    • Adetomiwa: With Shakespeare you can't even try to think about the weight of performance history, because you'll just be swamped. The plays were written to be performed here, so the best thing you can do is to get the story of the play across, to really show you know and feel it. You've got to do your research, because the subtleties matter as much as the big impacts.

    • Adetomiwa: (About drama school) Some people don't realize that drama school is so exhausting physically, mentally, intellectually, emotionally. I quite enjoyed the fact that I wasn't going down a conventional route, like some of my friends, but there was a lot of pressure and there are times when you think to yourself: I could be living on a beach in Barcelona, or working behind a bar... why am I doing this?

    • Adetomiwa: (About race when it comes to acting) Of course there are people who think your blackness is the most interesting thing about you, but I don't. My feeling on the relevance of blackness to actors is that the hard work was done decades ago, and we shouldn't be obsessed by it. I'm not saying race is irrelevant but this is a cosmopolitan age and these things matter less than they used to.