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  • great actor!

    adewale akinnuoye-agbaje has added an interesting new face to "lost" and even though i didn't like new people introduced too much, i think that he's been a real enrichment.

    there's something really fascinating about him. he plays the different facets of mr. eko in a very convincing way and goes from cold and brutal, to almost soft and gentle in a very believable way.

    he makes mr. eko one of the most interesting and definitely the most mysterious character of the show. there's a constant feeling of having a volcano in front of you and not knowing if it is going to errupt any moment.
  • The score wouldn't go to 100 which is what I think he is, looks as well as acting!

    Awesome! He should be in more roles such as LOST! He is a great actor with tons of capabilities! (Not to mention his great looks) Gee is he married....LOL What a character he plays and he carries it off well! I hope we get to see more of Mr. Eko in the near future! EKo has been a nickname in my house for years ... my daughters initials, and I named the best dog in the world EKo as well....unfortuately he is now decesaed, so the name alone brings lots of smiles and great memories to my househeld :-)
  • Underexposed. Regal and powerful presence. Needs more diversified roles. Give me time. I'll write a movie just for him.

    What can be said about this king of a man without breaking into a sweat and losing all sense of reality? I haven\'t seen Congo yet but you\'d better best believe that it\'s on my list for 2005. It\'s a priority. Since the day I first saw him I looked forward to any project that included him even though it seems he\'s always playing the part of someone to be hated. I just can\'t do it.
    News of his new role in \"Lost\" just set me off! I am SO glad to be able to see him fresh, (apparently not evil) on weekly basis now. The cast of \"Lost\" has definitely been fortified. I feel that he\'s an impressive actor with a far great and memorable presence. He is monarchial and commands respect through the sound of his voice, the tone of his skin and those powerful pentrating eyes. To me he has not been given adequate exposure while at the same time, I\'m admittedly a little on the selfish side and want to possess him all to myself. Now he\'s going to act opposite 50 Cent in a movie coming out in November of \'05 on the day before my birthday. (How fitting!) Truthfully, I would not have been interested in seeing this but guess what made the decision for me? You got it! Intelligent casting. I just can\'t resist seeing him on the big screen and I will be owning \"Get Rich or Die Trying\" as soon as it\'s available. No one had any bearing on my decision to see it EXCEPT him. I\'ll be there... for him.
    One sweet day, with a little luck and a little finesse, we\'ll meet. And that promises to be the best day of my life... and maybe his too.
  • Unfortunately, I have never watched Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje in 'OZ', but I am a big 'Lost' fan, so my review will be about his role as Mr. Eko, a Nigerian priest, in the aforementioned show.

    Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (or 'Triple A') portrayed a Nigerian priest in the second and third seasons of 'Lost'. Unfortunately, his character is no longer in the show. However, the writers gave him a significant role during his time with the show -- and Adewale carried it with intensity and likeableness.

    He can portray calm and thoughtful with startling charisma. He especially brought religious faith to life in his scenes focusing on his priestly duties and Christian acts. Yet there was another side to his character -- cold, violent, and intimidating. Once again, he brought those feelings to life.

    My only gripe with him... Hm. It's not really a gripe, but more of an observation -- he's REALLY intense. I doubt he could pull off an 'average guy' sort of role unless he took things down a notch. But who would even cast him as an average guy? He's great for roles that aren't so 'average'.

    It's too bad he is no longer on 'Lost'. But he did a great job there, and he remains a fan favorite today. I hope Adewale gets a chance to shine elsewhere!
  • empty

    I was never truly aware of Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje until I started watching "Lost," but he plays his role "Mr. Eko" with convincingly great realism. Now that I recognize him, I can remember his roles in such movies at "The Mummy Returns," "The Bourne Identity," and "Get Rich or Die Tryin."
  • Next please...

    Adewale is my least favourite character on Lost. I'm a guy, I can't like him for his looks but I find his acting really boring and too simple. I do understand why others like him and I won't argue them but simply disagree. By mum thinks that he is a 'hunk' and I am sure that alot of other women or girls do but I can't find a reason to like him. In Lost, his character is just so plain. Doesn't speak much and when he does it is just really uninteresting to me. I am glad that he was SPOILER killed off Lost.