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Adoni Maropis

Adoni Maropis


7/20/1963, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

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Adoni Maropakis
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Adoni Maropis was diagnosed with Diabetes when he went into a coma at eighteen months of age. Most modern methods of managing Type 1 Diabetes were unavailable then, especially with such a small patient, but in Adoni's words, through "a lot of love, laughter, and staying in great…more


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  • Great person...always has a positive attitude! Even though he has a very evil character on 24 he really is a unique person. Go Anthony!!! Congrats!!!

    I really think he has an even brighter future ahead. His roles are just going to get better and better. Anthony seems to be in great shape and has very stong features. I think his expressions as well as his mysterious look, kind of like unkowing what he is thinking is very extreme on both sides. I hope this makes sense. I think a boxing role would be a big step in his career, he could play brutel yet charming and gentile. Another good role would be a middle eastern character that would represent the good side of the Middle easterns, I think that now-a-days we need to see positive things, everything you see is depressing, they need to see our positive lifestyle and we need to see their positive people, not everyone is the same we need to make a connectionand stop the hatred in this world. I think Anthony will take over the GQ image so...Look out George (Clooney) here comes Anthony Maropis.moreless