Adrian Chiles

Adrian Chiles


3/21/1967, Hagley, West Midlands, England, UK

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Adrian Chiles


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Adrian Chiles is a British television and radio presenter. He trained as a journalist at Cardiff University. He has a career in two streams of broadcasting thanks to his love of football. He fronts general and business programmes such as The One Show and Working Lunch as well…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Adrian married Jane Garvey, a regular presenter of Woman's Hour on BBC Radio 4, in September 1998 in Swansea. In June 2008, Adrian and Jane separated.

    • Adrian plays the double bass, as revealed when he dueted with violinist Nigel Kennedy playing Fever on The One Show.

    • Adrian is a Roman Catholic.

    • Adrian and Jane Garvey have two daughters (Evelyn born January 2000 and Sian born March 2003).

    • Adrian holds the current World Record for most number of kisses received in 60 seconds, with 78.

    • Adrian wrote "We Don't Know What We're Doing" which was published in 2007. It recounts the stories of a varied cast of avid West Bromwich Albion Football Club supporters.

    • Adrian is frequently mistaken for the author and presenter Ray Mears.

    • Adrian presened and producing his own radio show Chiles on Saturday for BBC Radio 5 Live, which was awarded the sports category Gold Medal at the Sony Radio Academy Awards in 2002.

    • After Adrian finished his university degree and while waiting for his broken leg to heal from an amateur football incident, he applied for and failed both Civil Service exams, before being asked to apply for MI5. He failed the second interview.

    • Before Adrian went university he appeared at the Crescent Theatre, Birmingham, in a production of Mary O'Malley's Once A Catholic and Sandy Wilson musical The Boyfriend.

    • Adrian was educated at Haybridge High School.

    • Adrian speaks Croatian, despite having a self-confessed imperfect understanding of the language's verb declensions and cases.

    • A feature of his presentations is his North Worcestershire accent, which is very similar to both Brummie and Black Country accents. These accents are very rarely heard on TV and radio in the UK. This makes Adrian very distinct from his peers, many of whom speak with received pronunciation.

    • Adrian has a Jewish father and Croatian mother.

    • Adrian is a passionate supporter of the British football club West Bromwich Albion. He is a season-ticket holder and presenter on some of the club's official DVDs. Both of his cars have WBA in their registration and he has a stained glass West Bromwich Albion crest above his door.

  • Quotes

    • Adrian: In religion you go to where there are people a bit like yourself and if I go into a Catholic church I see people a bit like myself, and what I mean by that actually - although I wouldn't say that to a priest - is that I see blokes I would quite like to go drinking with, and women I quite fancy in some cases.

    • (on getting to host The Apprentice: You're Fired.)
      Adrian: It wasn't my idea and it was piggybacking off another show. I said to Peter Fincham [the Controller of BBC One at the time] that I felt like some journeyman footballer who had been playing to the best of his ability for all these years, scored a tap-in at the Cup Final and is only ever remembered for that. But as Peter said: 'They all count, son'.

    • (on being one of several BBC personalities sent soiled toilet paper by post in February 2007.)
      Adrian: The smell is not something you want first thing in the morning.

    • Adrian: I'm the the odd-looking bloke from West Brom.