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Adrian Edmondson

Adrian Edmondson


1/24/1957, Bradford, Yorkshire, England, UK

Birth Name

Adrian Charles Edmondson



Also Known As

Ade Edmondson, Adrian Edmonson, Ade Edmonson
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Adrian Charles Edmondson was born the second of four children on the 24th of January 1957 in Bradford, Yorkshire, England and is a British comedic actor, director and writer. As a child his family spent time in Cyprus, Bahrain and Uganda, as his father was a teacher with…more


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    • (speaking in April 2008 about working with Rik Mayall)
      Adrian: We might do something in about 10 or 15 years. We always had a plan to be a couple of pensioners and I think that would be quite humorous.

    • (on why he hasn't finished writing another book).
      Adrian: Once a week I get the urge to complete one of the three fictional projects I've unfortunately got going. I take all the games off my computer and swear that I will not play another game until I have finished this or that project. Unfortunately, after 2 or 3 days I stick on another stupid game - I am very good at Civilization 2. I am a sad person...

    • (on taking care of animals).
      Adrian: It's very satisfying looking after the animals - I'm hoping to get some pigs next. I like the thought of getting closer to nature and eating food that's been hand-reared. Deep down we're quite conventional. Jennifer would much rather be a gardener and I'd be much happier if I were a farmer.

    • (when asked how often he consults his doctor).
      Adrian: Having a GP for a friend I consult him quite often. The question I ask him most often is, `another pint'?

    • (on his partnership with Rik Mayall).
      Adrian: I think our individual efforts are quite good, we're quite competent. But we're never really brilliant. But between us - unfortunately, because we really hate each other - there's a sort of something that works. We make something better together than when we do it alone. They are, sort of, extensions of ourselves. We know each other incredibly well. I'll fill in the bits he can't do and he'll fill in the bits I can't do. So it makes one thing, not really two comedians.

    • (Ade on the "Doctors and Nurses" sitcom).
      Adrian: The programme's full of cock-ups in medicine. It's quite dark. It's a strong sausage.

    • (when asked about playing a straight role in "Holby").
      Adrian: Well he's not really that straight! He is quite jokey really, well the writers think he is anyway.

  • Wow!!11

    This guy was excellent!especially when he played the role "Vyvyan"of the young ones.Sometimes I tend to follow his footsteps.Vyvyan was a legend,in fact he was my favorite live actor.Too bad his sow was short lived,however,that why we have memories eh?Sometimes I even think of myself as a mini Vyvyan.This may sound strange,but I haven't told anyone I might dress as him for Halloween.Back to Adrian mode,I'd really like to meet him to tell you the truth!Not many people know him,however I do!Let's hope Youtubers like myself will join up and make our own Young Ones episodes out of acting it ourselves!(When I tell you I can sound like him,I can!)Bye!moreless
  • Funny - good looking - Comedy Genius!!!

    Adrian Edmondson is one of many comedy geniuses, he has played many roles now, most of these characters are short tempered and are very prone to violence, He can make an audience burst into laughter just by walking across a stage, he has been involved in many live shows aswell as television sit-coms many of these live shows will go wrong as they are performed with Rik Mayall his best friend and comedy partener.

    He has showed us how to rebel against everything with his acts as Vyvyan Basterd and has also shown us how much he can hurt himself as a the second part of a fantastic duo The Dangerous Brothers ! Adrian Edmondson will be remebered for being a young rebel staying the same for life!moreless