Adrian Lester





8/14/1968 , Birmingham, England, UK

Birth Name

Adrian Lester




Born in Birmingham England, Adrian Lester began his acting career acting in youth theatre at age 14. He left Birmingham at age 18 to study at the famed Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, going on to make a name for himself on the London stage. He has appeared in such productions as As You Like It, Hamlet (as Hamlet), Henry V (as Henry V), and Company. Nominated 6 times for the Olivier Award, he won the prestigious award in 1996 for his performance as Bobby in Company, which was directed by Sam Mendes (of American Beauty fame).

Lester first became known to American audiences as an idealistic presidential campaign work in the film Primary Colors in 1998, staring opposite John Travola. Since then, he's been seen in such films as Kenneth Branagh's Love Labour Lost, The Day After Tomorrow and starred opposite Peter O'Toole in The Final Curtain.

Preferring film and stage to television, Adrian Lester's first foray into a television series came with the BBC television show Hustle, which has been a huge success since it's first season. Hustle has commanded an audience of almost six million viewers since it's launch. As "Mickey Bricks", he leads a crew of a long con team who is fiercely intelligent and a bit of a perfectionist.

In his personal life, Lester is married to actress Lolita Chakrabarti and they have two daughters, Lila and Jasmine.