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    • Adrian: L.A. is an industry town. Every stranger is a potential contact. So you can't walk away, or you walk away from potential work. I'm always really glad to come to L.A. The people are wonderful, but it is important to say that I live in the UK.

    • To train for his role on "Hustle", Adrian had to learn how to pick pockets and sleight of hand tricks.

      Adrian: I was taught all the tricks of the trade from card-shuffling to stealing watches. I'd always keep some playing cards in my pocket during filming and every time I wasn't needed on set I'd get them out and have a practice. I think I might start my own magic show; I could be the new David Blaine!

    • Adrian was asked for a comment when he learned he had landed a role in the Spiderman 3 (2007) movie.

      Adrian: I haven't even had a script yet. All I know is that I'm playing a research scientist who tries to cure the baddie of whatever badness he's got. I don't even know who the baddie is!