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    • Peterson: It's an honor and it says a lot about those guys blocking for me in the line and the receivers doing a great job sealing the edge. I'm humbled to have the rushing record, but more importantly it comes in a win that we really needed to get the second half of the season started the right way.

    • Peterson: I didn't start beating my mom in running until I was going into my ninth-grade year. She was fast.

    • Peterson: It was a hard time for me with my dad out of my life at a young age like that. At first it was real difficult. I just had to find a way to cope with it. We did a lot of stuff together. (On his father going to prison when he was 12.)

    • Peterson: My mom, she's funny. She's got a heart of gold. My dad has raised me to be a man. He wasn't there for me physically, but mentally he really helped me grow as a young man. I really got a lot from both of them.

    • Peterson: I run to daylight when I see an opening.

    • Peterson: We're going to have to establish some form of a passing game, ... We just can't run it on everybody.

    • Peterson: I am starting to realize that a lot of guys look up to me, ... Older guys, and even younger guys, are asking me questions and [they] ask me about how to handle situations. I'm young, but that leadership role has been on me so I need to live up to it.