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Adrian Quinnell

Adrian Quinnell

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Adrian Quinnell


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Adrian is the dancer in The Wiggles cast who does the back flips, but that's no surprise, considering he was a former Australian Champion gymnast at the age of 14. He currently tours with The Wiggles when they visit Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.


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  • What a performer...

    One can only wonder as to how this man made it to the world wide stage as a character in The Wiggles. This man has the Smile, hair and physique to surely be on a billboard for Calvin Klein.

    His performances whilst on stage are nothing less then extrordinary, and I would literally only purchase tickets to The Wiggles just to see him.

    With the busy schedule of traveling the world, performing in different countries, even continents within days of each other, one must wonder how this man is able to keep his composure and how he must unwind. Words cannot precisely describe how wonderful of an artist this man is with every single one of his performances alongside the magnificant Wiggles. :)moreless