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  • Fantastic actress and person.

    Not only is she talented but she so nice. I got the privilege of meeting her at an Obama convention and she was amazing, even signed an autograph for me and let me take a picture with her. I'm sure I made a complete fool out of myself, but she was real cool about it. She went to high school with a bunch of my friends and they all have good stuff to say about her too. I always find it cool when you find out that actors are not only talented, but also nice people.
    She was one of two people leading the discussion at the conventions and it was pretty interesting seeing her interact with the other guy (Seth MacFarlane), she laughed a lot.
  • Jessica was such an awesome character on Supernatural.

    If anyone remembers Jessica was the first person to say something in the Pilot episode. It was not Sam or Dean! Wow.
    Anyways! Adrianne seemed like just the right person to play Jessica; Sams girlfriend. She had the looks, the charisma and the height! Sam is tall enough as it is. I think she is a great actress, and I especially love seeing her in the season 2 episode 'What is and What Should Never Be'. She plays a real charming person who deserves a great guy like Sam. Overall I was very impressed with her actiong skills and I hope she pops up again for a little bit in season 3.
  • Adrianne Palicki is a good actress in Smallville.She played Superman's cousin named Kara from Krypton.She's also called Supergirl.In the comic books,she wears a costume that looked like Superman's.Only differet.She has the same powers like Clark,too.She a

    Adrianne Paliciki is a gorgous actress.Smallville is the only show I can see her.She show up naked in the forest in the beginning. Her body was covered in darkest when she walking. I'm still wondering how did Kara get here and destroyed a car.I'm hoping that the driver was drunk or a crook.
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    She has also made four "Special Guest" appearances on various network tv shows.

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